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Deal or No Deal: Tricky Trans-Boundary Water Issues with Pakistan At least 3 blasts occurred in Kabul city The concern of Afghan defense ministry on the presence of 50 foreign fighters in the country Optimism on the dramatic increase of women presence in 2018 elections of Afghanistan Pakistani Foreign Ministry has rejected Allegations of the Afghanistan government Limitation of foreign troops visits with Afghan forces The US and Pakistan have come to an agreement with peace-building in Afghanistan The clean votes would be separated from unclean votes after the final decision of electoral complaint commission The decisiveness of security forces prevented more bloodshed in the election Abdullah: Americans are not involved in assassination of General Abdul Raziq Disrupted head of Hitler destructive operations died at age of ninety-nine China artificial moon will be sent to space The future president will be appointed by the support of the great national coalition Condemning the death of Jamal Khashoggi by Britain, Germany and France Parwan residents named a street “Road of General Raziq” Brother of General Abdul Raziq was appointed as shadow head of Kandahar Police 18 people were killed during a train accident in Taiwan At least 110 insurgents were killed and injured in 4 provinces of the country Hamid Karzai: General Raziq’s assassination case will be pursued Sayad: Four million voters voted in 4,567 polling centers in Afghanistan Completion of 80 percent counting of ballots in polling centers Afghan President: holding election was a shame to Taliban The chief executive met with the commander RS mission Praise of president Ghani for securing parliamentary elections in the country The Taliban killed four civilians in Balkh Demonstration in Colombia “No to the privatization of education” China’s liaison office head died in Macau after falling from building Two Koreas agreed to start joint Railway Inspection Netanyahu delays West Bank demolition plan Trump: Khashoggi death need to learn more Purchase of 8 apartments to the Heirs of Air Force and National Army Sixty people across the country have been arrested on charges of electoral fraud The British ambassador praised the presence of the people in the election The terrorist attack on election day took lives of nearly 40 people in the country From 4901 voting center 4503 centers were open for the voters around the country Emergency landing of Icelandair in Canada Spain dismayed by Saudi reports on Khashoggi case Syrian President meet Russian officials in Damascus Palestinian President’s 3 day visit to Oman 192 terrorist incidents occurred during Election Day around the country At least 93 percent of voting process was successful in 32 provinces of Afghanistan Several terrorist attacks took place in Kabul, and targeted several voting centers MOD: up to now there was no security treat for election process around the country MOI: 70 thousand police personal will secure election process today Video+ Biography of General Abdul Raziq Achekzay, late commander of Kandahar Police Stanekzay: Kandahar elections delay was due to Gen. Raziq mourning program Taliban attacked election material convey in Sar-e-Pul Mullah Omar son has urged his fighters to support the Afghan election process Offensive attack of Taliban was set back in Kunduz province Powerful Afghan police commander General Razeq killed in shooting Six people were arrested in charge of Abdul Jabar Qahraman assassination Kuwait approves 2.5 million dollars’ donation to Gaza UN concern on hanger crisis in Afghanistan Security head of Samangan was killed in a face to face fight with Taliban A local uprising commander and his forces are sieged by Taliban in Kunduz The discovery of explosive cargo in Laghman 23 drug traffickers were arrested in Afghanistan India and china will hold joint training for Afghan diplomats Trump sent Mike Pempo to meet Saudi King Cleaning of Kunduz Aliabad district from the the presence of Taliban 30 Talib insurgents were killed during Police special forces operation in Paktika 9 Parliamentary election candidates are killed up to now Ahmad Wali Hotak was wounded by unknown attackers 59 Talib insurgents were killed and injured in different parts of Afghanistan Kabulov: Moscow summit on Afghanistan would possibly be held up to end of October 45 thousand security forces will provide security measures for the upcoming election in Afghanistan The Taliban intelligence chief and 20 other warriors were killed in Maidan-Wardag Former Guatemala vice president sentenced to 15 years jail in case of corruption Climate Change is Swallowing One of Afghanistan’s Most Fertile Districts The beginning of the House of Representatives election campaign Nangarhar protesters: Avoid civilian casualties during operations Gold miners are kidnapped South African 1700 families displaced in 48 hours in Libya Lashkar-e-Jangawi key leader was killed in Paktia Mountain slipping in Bamyan Province killed and wounded 4 people Israel detains Palestinians on charge of terror attacks End of Czech soldier presence in Afghanistan front lines President Ghani: Any kind of sovereignty in western Kabul is acceptable to me Sarwar Danish: The accountable government cannot monopolize power Executive Director: The enemy is seeking to create ethnic divisions President Ghani: Taliban are part of the Afghan community Delegation for investigating fake Identity cards: we will observe this case with impartiality Murdering a young girl because of going to clinic in Ghour Province Climate Change becomes like a real Threat for War-torn Afghanistan Arrest of 26 ISIS-K fighters in Kabul + Terrorists Photos 20 Talib insurgents including Four Red company fighters were killed in Baghlan Kurdish citizens demonstrated against Iran regime in Gothenburg The new Pakistani government is ready to cooperate in providing peace to Afghanistan General Raziq Warning: neighbors should let us to stay in peace Interior ministry new orders for Securing IEC Provincial offices Taliban red company deputy commander killed in Badghis Herat police warning to the election disrupters in the province An Afghan Deported migrant was shot down by Taliban in Maidan- Wardag China commits to Support Afghanistan in terms of technology costs million dollar 10 Talib insurgents were killed and injured in Faryab 6 were killed during Bakersfield Shooting in California of US US Army: 30 Taliban insurgents and their Key commanders were killed in Ghazni Warning of increasing cancer to 18.1 million cases in the world President Ghani: Peace in the country is not only the responsibility of the state Chief Executive: The global community should push the terrorist supporters United States will spend 1.8 billion dollars to empower Afghan Air force in upcoming 5 years John F. Sopko: Afghanistan’s Women Empowerment Project (PROMOTE) is the most failed program Afghan Refugee, 27, Wins Primary Election For Seat In New Hampshire State Legislature Transformation of 530 F MD helicopters for Afghan air force in Kandahar An Indian man chopped his wife and surrendered himself A woman and her 12 year son was killed by armed men in Sudan Imran Khan: Afghan refugees are not forcibly expelled from Pakistan 6 Afghan security members were killed in Herat Donald Trump will issue a new decree on US election frauds Pakistani Officials: Afghans are banned from going to Peshawar for 10 days 24 terrorists were killed in Sar-e-Pul and Kunduz 19 Taliban insurgents were killed in Faryab The discovery of a vehicle full of explosives material in Paktika 47 armed insurgents were killed in Ghazni district of Nawa Occurring of fourth consecutive terrorist incident in 24 hours in Nangarhar 31 insurgents were killed and injured in Faryab Secretary of Defense: Afghan security forces are seeking to reduce Insider attacks John Bulletin: US war crimes prosecution in Afghanistan leads to a boycott of the ICC 62 insurgents were killed in past 24 hours all around Afghanistan Islamic cooperation organization: Afghan government is obligated to provide sustainable peace 24 Talib insurgents were killed and wounded in Badghis Civilian casualties of Nangarhar suicide attack reaches to 68 Magnetic mine explosion on Foreign Ministry Affairs vehicle 43 people were killed and 37 others got wounded due to the bus crash in India “Two children are enough” campaign to decrease population in Egypt Suicide attack among protesters in Nangarhar killed at least 160 people UN Envoy: at least 8 million Afghans are displaced or fled to other countries Kabul was hit by three rockets 129 Talib insurgents were killed and wounded in Baghlan and Maidan- Wardag Dozens of Taliban insurgents were killed in fight with Afghan forces The criminal court head of Ghazni was assassinated in Kabul The world post-September 11th and the prospect of its future Suicide attack in Nangarhar killed 8 and wounded 35 Fourteen policemen were Martyred by Taliban in Samangan Fall down of 8 security check posts in hand of Taliban in Sar-e-Pul The new orders of president Ghani for Afghan Security forces Afghan CEO: fight against terrorism needs expanding Kabul- Tehran relations Preparation of Taliban for attending second face to face talks with Washington The Taliban district governor for Borka district was killed during an air strike An aggressor in France injured seven people into knife knocking The center of Khamab district of Jawzjan Province fell into hands of Taliban Arresting of two Afghan suspects on behalf of a young German citizen killing Assassination of former deputy chairman of the Balkh passport department Rahimi: Taliban attack over the district of Maidan-Wardag, Daimeerdad district was pushed back Mullah Malok a Taliban leader was killed in Badghis Iranian media: 225,000 Afghan refugees have returned in 9 months Pakistani Foreign Minister will visit Kabul for trust building Taliban offensive attack on Dasht-e-Archi district of Kunduz was set back More than 150 people arrested in connection with disturbing security in Kabul 7 were killed and 20 injured during a suicide attack in Kabul Killing of suicide bomber before reaching to his goal in Kabul 28  Taliban insurgents including Red company commander was killed and wounded in Badghis Commemoration of Ahmad Shah Masoud martyrdom by firing and harassment Biography of Commander Ahmad Shah Masoud Afghanistan National Hero Seventeenth anniversary of Martyred Massoud was marked in Kabul Source: Two more senior security officials of Kabul are discharged Sayed Mohammad Roshandel is appointed as Kabul new police commander Clashes between prisoners and police in Pul-e-Charkhi Jail of Kabul Dr. Abdullah: The formation of a national unity government was an opportunity Russian fighter targeted Adlib city of Syria 40 passengers were killed and wounded during a traffic incident in Kandahar-Herat High way The arrest of Mullah Imam and his two students in charges of suicide attacks in Herat Source: The Kabul Police Chief has been forced to resign Ghani: weapons distribution plan for west of Kabul would be investigated US will stand with Afghanistan until achieving long term stability Unexpected visit of US Secretary of Defense to Afghanistan while reaching to 17th year of war 300  thousand Russian soldiers start their military trail in upcoming week Arab League welcomes Paraguay embassy transformation from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv AJSC: government is incapable of securing journalist’s safety West of Kabul citizens: the government is incapable of securing Ashora ceremony More than 110 civilians were victimized in yesterday’s Kabul blood attack on wrestling club 110 civilians were dead and wounded in Kabul’s consecutive yesterday attack Video + Increase in the number of Kabul blood attack Two news reporters were martyred in Today’s Kabul Attack Suicide attack once again targeted reporters Maiwand wrestling club was targeted in PD 6th of Kabul Syrian refugees return to turkey in a large number Increase of floods in Japan has caused heavy financial losses Israel closed Erez border to Gaza The 20-day deadline for checking counterfeiting in birth certificates Appointment of Zalmay Khalilzad as US State Department advisor to Afghanistan Why targeted killings in Kabul and provinces have increased by 20 percent? Israel prime minister wife suspected of bribery A mother killed her two daughters in Alaska An Attacker on targeted Dutch citizens in Amsterdam Thousands of Mexican soldiers are disappeared since 2006 GROWING THREATS AGAINST ANTI-CORRUPTION INSTITUTIONS IN AFGHANISTAN Groundwater Contamination is Pushing Kabul towards Catastrophe: Arresting of a popular unauthorized militant’s commander in Kunduz Study says alcohol consumption is harmful to health 11000 Yemeni are suffering cancer in a year Macron: Europe’s defense project should not rely on US 7  insurgents were killed and injured during air operation in Nangarhar Israel forces 7 Palestinians including one women Government will contribute 20 Million US dollar to rebuild Ghazni Floods in India displaced 220000 homeless people and killed 164 other How ISIS-K suicide attacker did killed and wounded nearly 100 students in Kabul? Was the government aware of the heavy Taliban attack on Ghazni? How did two insurgents target Afghan NDS training base Armed attackers fired at the Security Forces Training center in Kabul Discovering nearly 3 kg of heroin blended with green tea کشته شدن 6 کودک در لغمان 45 security personnel died in Taliban attack in Baghlan 7 policemen were killed in Taliban ambush in Zabul 40 Taliban terrorists were killed and wounded in Paktia and Khost Gul Rahman Qazi: The current system has no legitimate and popular legitimacy China will build the third nuclear power plant of Turkey New opportunities for youths from Americans university of Afghanistan Afghanistan, the most insecure place for freedom of speech Pakistan will in place 60,000 new forces with Afghanistan border 28 Taliban insurgents were killed and injured in north and northeastern Afghanistan Washington imposes new sanctions on Moscow More than 100 Palestinian missiles targeted Israel US Forces Commander: There is no need to review Afghanistan’s war strategy 9 local police members were killed in Herat 21 Taliban insurgents including 2 local commanders were killed Herat 57 terrorists were killed and wounded in Orozgan Liberation of 10 prisoners from Taliban jail in Helmand A German couple raped their 10-year-old son Sima Samar: Most of the released prisoners of Hezb-e-Islami party are Taliban Freedom of Nizam-u-Din Qaisari The new proposal of first vice president to Ghani Pakistan’s dismissed Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif went to the hospital Mohammad Mohaqiq: The Afghan National Rescue Coalition has been formed to prevent the current situation Britain sent 490 new military men to Afghanistan Ten Taliban insurgents were killed in Ghazni Transfer of four ambulances to Ghazni civilians Hospital A few Turkish refugees drowned on the island of Lassos President Ghani met after a one year and three months with his first vice president 8 Talib insurgents were killed in Kunduz due to their own mines explosion 4 foreign tourists died in a traffic accident in Tajikistan Assassination of a 7-year-old bride in Badghis by her husband Observing of Check posts and bases of civil order forces in western zone The diversion of train in Egypt wounded six people Soon Election commission will announce timetable of presidential elections 22 Talib was Killed and wounded in Kapisa The National Directorate of Security arrested three Taliban in Laghman The commander of people’s uprising was fired at Faryab Province 12 ISIS and a Mine-maker were killed in Nangarhar Hamid Karzai: “I support goals of the National Coalition for Afghanistan Rescue.” Imran Khan won Pakistan parliamentary election Mohammad Ashraf Ghani: The presence of women is not limited to the Ministry of Women The Taliban killed a widow and a young boy 12 Taliban were killed and wounded in Shindand district of Herat Ministry of Defense: Afghan pilots carry 100 flights a day Prague court overturns city center bike ban US government handed over 1,800 children under the age of 5 to their families 24 insurgents were killed in Ghazni Arrests of 16 ISIS militants in Nangarhar Army announces winter deployments to Afghanistan, South Korea The Swedish student prevented return of asylum seeker to Afghanistan Holding the first regional peace and convergence festival in Kabul Imran Khan calls for open borders with Afghanistan 246 die in southern Syria ISIS attacks Herat police detain man with 5kg of heroin Despair and desperation of $ 15 billion in Afghanistan by spending 11 years Political leaders: President Ghani has destroyed Afghanistan A possible explosion against the US Embassy in China The European Union: countries Accept asylum seekers will receive money Haqqani Network members were killed in an air strike in Khost Joining of ISIS 23-members group to Jowzjan with security forces Setting back 5 Taliban Attacks in Ghazni A US high ranking official meet with Taliban in Qatar Kabul residents are plagued by political conferences and gatherings Imran Khan leading runner of Pakistan elections according to primary voting result Trump: American forces have fulfil further achievements in Afghan war National Coalition for Afghanistan rescue declaration of existence Defense minister: government may possibly announce cease fire in recent future Taliban two key figures were killed in Kapisa Breaking of reporters camera by NDS forces in PD 5 Suicide attack targeted National Directorate of Security forces in Kabul A 4 operative network of Taliban were arrested in Kandahar Continuation of clashes between Taliban and ISIS in Jozjan Italy will permit boats which are carrying displaced people Kabul city was targeted by rockets from unspecific area A heavy blast took place in PD 5 of Kabul Abu Dhabi host Afghanistan quadrilateral meeting Torkham port would be close for three days 15 got injured in Jozjan friendly fires 124 people including 16 kids were killed and injured during fire in Greece Defense ministry: Local army will be shaped in Nangarhar Taliban key commander and his 14 fighters were killed in Posht Koh of Farah Taliban shadow district chief for Khak-e-Safaid was killed Arresting of 77 people including 5 women in drug trafficking cases The fifth meeting of Afghanistan- Pakistan action plan working group was held Thousands Protest of thousand against anti-immigration policies of the German government 9 people were injured during firing of once suspect in Canada US specter General concern on behalf of Black Hawk inefficiency in Afghanistan President Ghani urged election commission to announce presidential elections date 25 people were killed and injured after returning of General Dostom to Kabul Vice president of the country: arresting of Qaisari was unfair Ahmad Aishchi: my case should be follow up by judicial institution The first special weekly paper for women were inaugurated in Balkh Inauguration of Sayeed Jamal-u-Din Afghan street in Egypt Discovering of more than 1200 death bodies in a massive grave in Syria Ashraf Ghani: a list of governmental properties should be prepared in Kabul and provinces Junbish Mili Party: by reaching of Dostom to Kabul Nezam din Qaisari would be released Chakhansori: the government will welcome General Dostum especially Kashaf: Afghanistan is a slaughterhouse for humanity EU emphasized on boosting cooperation with Afghanistan security forces 6 Pakistani insurgents were killed in Nooristan province Bloodiest attack was prevented in Nangarhar تعدادی از شهروندان بغلان در کابل خواهان حذف نام عضای خانواده سید منصور نادری از لیست کاندیدای پارلمانی شدند 12 mine cleaners were kidnapped by ISIS fighters in Kunar Dawood Amin: Thieves and criminals would be shot down by police 16 Taliban fighters were killed and injured in Speenboldak of Kandahar Continued clashes between Taliban and ISIS in northern Afghanistan An Afghan army officer was assassinated by Taliban in Kabul 2 US military service members were killed in Maidan- Wardag Arrest of drug trafficker with 25 kilogram Heroin in Ghazni Two students were killed by another student in Daikundi Islamic clerk in Herat: the one who kills the reporters is Ghazi John Nicholson: my speech was mislead Latest warnings of Abdul Rashid Dostum fans to Government Population growth in Afghanistan a new headache for the government 13 Afghan army members were killed in Kunduz Taliban looking forward to the beginning of talks with the USA 2 local police members joined Taliban in Badghis Elimination of ISIS 5 hideouts in Iraq Saudi Arabia’s efforts to heal Afghan divisions A Taliban key commander was beheaded in Jozjan by ISIS 16 ISIS and Talib fighters were killed and injured in Jozjan Taliban burned a school in Nangarhar province At least 10 people were killed and injured in Kabul Attack Ashraf Ghani is unable to manage situation? 63 militants are killed and injured 58  insurgents are killed and injured Taliban killed Azizullah Karvan after 38 attempts I quit due to my Personal Issues: Eklil Hakimi 86 Nigerian citizens were killed in ethnic violence Faryab residence urged extending of Cease fire by holding protest tents 21 Talib insurgents were killed in Imam Sahib district of Kunduz Dismissed minister of water and energy ministry is appointed as advisor of Abdullah 20 Talib insurgents were killed in Herat 38 Afghan military personal were killed in 4 provinces of the country Afghanistan requested aids from international community for removal of drought 12 Talib fighters were killed and injured 3 days after cease-fire in Sar-e-Pol Abdullah: past decades’ achievements would be red line for our national interest More than 700 people have nominated their self to elections Zabiullah Mujahid: our military operations will begin to night 18 people were killed and 49 got injured during suicide Attack in Nangarhar Foreign suicide bomber was killed in Helmand during special operation High peace council: we had video call with Taliban leadership Extending of unilateral cease-fire by Afghanistan government VIDEO Report + PM Modi, message to Afghan cricket team Leaked picture of Australian soldiers flying Nazi swastika in Afghanistan sparks scandal Kabul and Islamabad emphasized on the elimination of terrorists and backed peace Parliament nominees concerns on earlier election campaigns Beginning of government cease-fire and commitment of Logar governor to giver eid prayer with Taliban 31 killed and injured during Motor bomb explosion on Moqor district building Stoltenberg hopes for enduring peace settlement in Afghanistan Insurgents targeted a local police house in Greshk of Helmand More than 40 people were killed and injured in Kabul Suicide attack 3 ISK suicide bomber were killed by Security forces before reaching their objective US and North Korean leaders made trip to Singapore VIDEO + NDS forces prevented from entering of 3500 KG explosives in to Kabul President Ghani meets with Iran, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan Presidents Public Health Ministry received urgent and standard TB diagnostic devices Pictures +Three days’ cease-fire and holding celebrations in the capital Warm welcome of Taliban cease-fire by NATO SG Chief Executive Office emphasized on continuation of Ali Ahmad Osmani work Optimism of High peace council on behalf of Taliban Cease-fire 53 insurgents were killed during operation in Ghazni 24 local police and public uprising forces were killed in Kunduz Dismissal of Water and energy minister by the president Baghlan police handover stolen car in 24 hours to its owner Abdulhaq Sahafaq is newly appointed governor to Faryab 7 commando members were killed and injured in Farah The warning of increasing US operations against ISK 23 insurgents were killed and injured in Takhar President ghani went to China for participating in SCO meeting Taliban announced three days’ cease-fire on Eid days PICTURES+ 15 Talib insurgents including foreign fighters were killed in Nangarhar The terrorist attack on a parliament member house in Nangarhar 59 insurgents were killed all around the country Kabul and London will fight jointly against terrorism and human trafficking Recruitment head of Police in Badghis was arrested VIDEO+ Afghan government announced cease fire against Taliban until 5th of eid Shooting of an Islamic clerk in Herat Province Abdullah Warning to Pakistan: do not use terrorism as a foreign policy tool New tensions between Tehran and Washington and its effects on Afghanistan In past 24 hours 22 Talib insurgents were killed and injured in Faryab 12 years old boy was raped and killed by 3 men in Sar- e- Pol NATO Support for Afghan forces is to root out Taliban UAE will send Special forces by confirmation of Afghan government 42 insurgents were killed and injured in past 24 hours 2 drug processing factories were destroyed in Helmand Bulgarian Police arrested 23 illegal refugees Taliban ambush on Bator Dostum in Jawzjan 17 Civil activists were arrested in Saudi Arabia 17 ISK fighters were killed in Haska Meena district of Nangarhar Taliban held Field court on 6 people in Kabul 5 Talib insurgents were killed during an air strike in Logar Colombia will use their experience for Afghanistan peace A book that barred the writer John Nicolson: Taliban wants to join peace process insurgents attacked interior ministry wore US military uniform senior advisor of Kim Jong oun arrived in New York Recapturing of Takhar Dasht Qala district from Taliban Motor bomb was eliminated before reaching to target in Greshk of Helmand Releasing of 105 prisoners from Taliban jail in Helmand Video: 70 Taliban key commanders were eliminated by US Pictures + Attack on Interior ministry ended by killing of 10 insurgents 5 policemen were killed during an offensive and suicide attack in Logar Video: Insurgents targeted Afghanistan interior ministry entrance gate Pictures + Attack on Interior ministry ended by killing of 10 insurgents Hamid Karzai met with UNAMA head Who is Rashid Khan, Why SRH love him? Amount of ammunition was seized in HKIA Parking C by Security forces Killing of 26 insurgents in Ghazni province 6 army members were killed and injured in Helmand attack The explosion of Magnetic Mine Injured At least 2 persons VIDEO+800 nominees have registered their self in upcoming elections until now from Kabul Plastics the most dangerous phenomena made by humans Ghani wants Dostum to return country Video + Hamid Sultani: solidarity in Afghanistan currently can save the citizens SIGAR: Dollar’s wastage in Afghanistan reaches to billions VIDEO+ A29 Aircraft targeted Taliban hideouts VIDEO+Dream for invading Russia will become nightmare for aggressors Baby powder helping fund Islamic State in Afghanistan – report Officials: Special Ops Vet to Be US Commander in Afghanistan Explosion in Kandahar killed 16 and injured 38 others President Ghani: A concept of building houses should be prepared for Municipality staff Mohammad Ashraf Ghani: flooded citizens should be supported immediately Motor bomb killed and injured 27 person in Kandahar Murad Ali: National police have nothing to eat in front lines 15 prisoners were released from Taliban prison A high rank military General of Pakistan is killed in Afghanistan: Pakistani Press Video + 30 insurgents were killed in Ajrestan district of Ghazni Video+ Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are Married UK 400 Additional troops will be deployed to Afghanistan Video + 9 Talib insurgents were killed in Balkh Promotion of Farah war Victorians with special ranks Shocking videos of Nangarhar Terror Attack on Cricket Stadium Video + Security officials trip to Farah after several days clashes VIDEO+ Bill Gates Says Trump Knew Too Much About His Daughter 8 killed and 45 got injured in Nangarhar explosions Germany is deporting 50 Afghan Migrants Ajrestan district of Ghazni is on the eve of fall down Taliban Judge: respond for peace proposal of Afghan Government Video+ Rescue of around 1800 people from the flood in Balkh and Jozjan NATO will stand with Afghan people for supporting peace Putin and Assad meeting after November 2017 in Sochi port Gina Haspel confirmed as CIA’s first female director US watchdog complains of receiving inaccurate data about Afghan forces Pompeo reinforces US’ investment in Afghanistan MOD: Terrorists heavy causalities, during last 24 hours Shutting down temporarily of schools in Farah after increasing of war + Video Taliban Letter: we will forgive ANDSF if they abandon their duties Step backing of Taliban in Central Baghlan + Video Video+ANDSF has retaken Tallulah-o-Barafak Citizens urged immediate cease fire between Afghan forces and Taliban in Ramadan Pakistan is spending 483 Million to build chain-link fences, on 1500 mile border ISIS recruiting head was arrested in Kabul PD 11 Arab League are due to convene after 63 people killed in Gaza 19 Talib insurgents were killed and injured in Baghlan Ramadan, beginning of self-evolution and society change Taliban seized several equipment’s of Afghan security forces after attacking Farah center + Video Around 300 Talib fighters were killed and injured in Farah center shocking video of Taliban killing Mosa a Policeman in Farah Killing and injuring 22 Taliban insurgents in Samangan and Sar-e-Pul New Video from Farah war and Taliban victory in some parts of the city Farah Governor: attack on this province was designed by Iran Normalization of security situation in Farah Ministry of Defense: Farah security situation will change until late noon A shocking Video of Taliban capturing Farah Several local media in Farah stopped their broadcast After Taliban attack on the city Farah center Fall down in Taliban Hand according to Videos Farah center a few steps closer to fall down, Taliban capture most areas Trading system in Shar-e-now caused a heavy lose to shopkeepers Sharp reaction of Abdullah after resigning of IEC secretary Tinkle of suicide bomber In Kabul caused financial loss Overtaking of Haidar Ebadi compotators in Iraq elections Protests for shifting US embassy to Israel killed at least 16 persons Security forces violence against Workers Association in Kabul + Video New preconditions of Washington to Pyeongyang 20 Taliban fighters got killed and injured in Hearat Suicide attacks of a family in Indonesia on 3 churches killed 13 people and injured 40 others Closing doors of work ministry after beating workers by Kabul security personnel Clashes between terrorists and Afghan forces are ongoing in Nangarhar Defense Minister met with Iran officials and discussed bilateral relations At least 67 insurgents were killed in different parts of Afghanistan Nangarhar governor resigned officially from his position The emergency landing of Army helicopter in Helmand + Video The killing of 95 insurgents in different parts of Afghanistan At least 591 insurgents were killed in past one week in Afghanistan Sebghat Arghand: no one is arrested because of killing my brother 8 Talib Insurgents were killed in Chemtal district of Balkh Some parts of Shahrak district of Ghour is captured by Taliban Marcel: cancelling Iran nuclear deal by trump will Messed up international order Iran denies their involvement in missile attacks on Israel Defense Ministry: after offensive attacks of Taliban in Farah 16 Military man killed 15 military members including commander 1st company, third brigade commander of Civil Order forces were killed in Farah Islamic Clerks in Bogor of Indonesia: Suicide attacks are illegible in Islam Germany health Minister: we must change our migration policies 5 thousand people were killed by police in Brazil UNAMA in Kabul: 23 voters registering center were targeted in Afghanistan White House official mocked ‘dying’ Senator McCain – media A painful narrative of military member’s genocide after capturing Tala-wa-Barfak by Taliban Russian finance ministry expects budget surplus, not deficit, for 2018 Heave casualties of Security force in Farah Taliban insurgents were heavily defeated in Jurm district of Badakhshan 7 Talib insurgents were killed in Logar Security measures for registering centers of voters will increase Singapore will host Trump-Kim meeting Killing and injuring of at least 17 Talib insurgents in Central Baghlan European Union: we will support afghan peace process and elections Dushanbe and Kabul are consulting on countering terrorism BBC journalist killing proprietors were captured in Khost 75 insurgents were killed and injured in Kandahar province The first operation of Afghan Black Hawk pilots in Helmand Recapturing operation of Tala-Wa-Barfak district begun 149 terrorist was killed in past 24 hours 22 insurgents were killed during recapturing Belcheragh district Eye witness: Terrorists was brought by black glasses vehicle in PD 10 Terrorist attack on PD 10 ended after 7 hours 5 gunmen entered PD10 and fight is on going Still fight between insergents and afghan forces are on going Arresting of anti-Putin protesters in Russia Insurgents attack on General Abdul Raziq’s house in Kandahar Ahmad Abad district chief of Paktiya got wounded during an explosion Iran Blames “US’s Allies” For Supporting Taliban, Daesh World press freedom day and protest of reporters against media supporting associations EU signed an agreement with UNDP to provide €15.5 million financial support for Elections Benyamin son of Sabawon Kakar: where is my dad? We have guests but he is not present Reporters become news while covering terrorist attack Our Hero’s who lost their live for freedom Afghanistan, 26 years after USSR Defeat Jawad Zarif: Trump demands on nuclear deal are unacceptable An attempt to propose a new law for prevent insulting for mujahedeen Trump tower on fire in Azerbaijan capital Baku Abdullah: Mujahidin will have an independent candidate in the presidential election Ekram-u-din Saray: More than 50 Talib insurgents were killed and wounded in Baghlan Yaftali: Taliban refused Peace proposal by launching spring operation Mohammad Ashraf Ghani: By launching Khandaq Operation, Taliban proved that they do not know the nature of Islam NATO encourages Iran and Russia to support peace in Afghanistan President: Election is an accounting day and National Assembly should not intervene in this process No participation in upcoming elections, a new warning of Taliban for Parwan residence Interior Minister Attends Paris Talks on Terror Financing The most dutiful spring nature images of Afghanistan Deputy Governor of Logar died in a Taliban attack 22 Talib insurgents were killed during an operation in Balkh Police neutralize missile attacks on diplomatic areas of Kabul Afghanistan’s two grades promotion in World Press Freedom list Arrest of two Kidnappers in Nimroz province Abdulmanan Arghand, Kabul News correspondent was killed in Kandahar Executive Director: Delhi’s New Partnership for Afghanistan is Important NATO Civilian Ambassador: Military pressures on Taliban force them into peace process Increasing of tensions among Taliban leadership Increase of Casualties in Sundays Kabul bloody attack Terrorist attack in Kabul killed 48 and injured 112 peoples Production of 2000 tons of peanuts and revenue of 2 billion Afghani form this product in Nangarhar Foreign forces armor vehicle killed a student in Kabul city Killing and wounding of 9 people in Baghlan China will equip the mountain brigade of the Afghan army in Badakhshan Government’s concern over rising of drought in the country Two kids die in a traffic accident by foreign forces armored vehicles Sentencing of 9 foreign women members of ISIS to death and life imprisonment The Beauties of Nature in Afghanistan + Images Hekmatyar: Some embassies are calling for widespread fraudulent elections Herat’s local government has managed to protect dozens of cultural places Orientalists: Russia’s Roadmap for Peace is the only option for the end of the crisis Protesters in Ghour has urged for dismissal of their governor Today United States will decide on a military strike against Syria Afghanistan and India agreed to fight against terror in south Asia region 13 Afghan Security members were killed in Shindand Herat At least 51 insurgents were killed during Khwaja Omari recapture operation Person who killed his mother with knife was arrested At least 35 ISK fighters were killed and wounded in Jozjan Mike Pempo: US has a ‘humble’ mission in Afghanistan The voter’s registration process will begin in two days Preventing from giving information to media caused introduction of two officials to general attorney Orders of president ghani for protecting governmental institutions after fall down of Khwaja Omari district Logar police: Maidan- Wardag police commander is making himself a hero One local commander of police was killed by Taliban in Badakhshan Taliban captured Khawaja Omari district of Ghazni Explosion of fuel tanker outside of bagram airfield Resolving of refuges cases will be priority of National unity government Pakistan has fired nearly 200 Rockets on Kunar Province 8 ISK members including one French citizen was killed in Jozjan + VIDEO Turkey is host of 27000 undocumented Afghan migrants Maidan- Wardag Police chief was targeted by Taliban Soon 300 Afghan pilots will be a part of war in Ground zero 691 million dollars Assistance of World Bank to Afghanistan Arrest of two insurgents by police in Ghazni Killing of 22 insurgents in different parts of country Why the Third World War computer game was released? US Airstrikes killed IS-K Commander in Faryab + Video Taliban fired 3 thieves at a court managed by them in Helmand 10 persons were killed and injured during a car accident One man killed three members of his family Bin Ali Yildirim: now it is time for Taliban come to peace with NUG 4 Talib insurgents were arrested by Afghan forces in Logar Chief Executive: Returning of Abdul Rashid Dostum was also discussed with Turkish officials Taliban 11 Narcotics production facility was vanished by US forces HRW: Afghan government is unable to investigate civilian casualties Chief Executive: Pakistani artillery attacks on Afghanistan increases tensions between two countries Taliban claimed that 10 Afghan soldiers were killed in Sar-e-Pul during clashes Pakistan’s new commitments after the visit of Abbasi to Afghanistan NATO S.G: the United States and NATO will stand strong to gather Killing and wounding of 20 terrorists in Sar-e-Pul 25 terrorists were killed all around the country Penetrating of wedding controversial law by Justice Ministry The government created a special secretariat to fight corruption Government is making political case for Sayed Ishaq Gailani One person arrested with 10 kg of hashish 23 terrorist were killed in different parts of the country 12 Talib fighters were killed during clashes in Maiwand district of Kandahar Moscow denies allegation of Taliban sponsor in Afghansitan 341 officers graduated from officer’s academy Taliban Attack was neutralized in Baghlan – Pol-e-Khomri High way Tashkent conference participants agreed on 6 important points Afghanistan Election process will be supported by Investment and expertise of EU If Taliban demilitarize, EU will help them to get out of UN sanctions list More than 116,000 students will enter higher education and secondary education institutions A29 Drops it’s FIRST LASER GUIDED BOMB ON TALIBAN IN FARAH Destruction of an important Taliban base in Helmand’s Marjah district Tashkent Conference outcomes for Afghanistan Kidnapping of a doctor in Kabul Four thieves were arrested with two weapons in Kunduz Imported Electricity of Kabul city was Cut off by Taliban Beginning of ISK military movements in Nuristan Killing of two talib fighters in Chahaab district of Takhar Terrorist attack in Herat killed 1 and injured 9 others Terrorist attack in Herat killed one and injured 7 others In Quadrilateral meeting NSA officials agreed to target foreign Terrorists in Afghanistan After Donald Trump, Elizabeth is also born in Afghanistan While top politicians become asylum seekers in outside countries Explosion of Magnetic mine kills 1 and injured 12 others in Kabul PD 8 beating of civilians by Taliban, in Faryab President Ghani: Half of teachers are not prepared according to teaching standards Congrats, Afghanistan Qualified to 2019 World Cup + Video Federica Mogherini will participate in Tashkent conference on Afghansitan Peace proposal for Taliban is the last chance Source: 14 killed and 49 injured during motor bomb in Helmand Motor bomb in PD 1 of Lashkargah has killed 30 people until now Kabul Police arrested a kidnapper’s band in PD 8 President Ghani: no one is permitted to interfere in Elections Latest update of Kabul attack, 33 killed and 65 injured during the incident Ata Mohammad Noor ex-governor of Balkh resigned from his position Who was the victim of ISK attack in Kabul? 25 killed and 50 others got injured during a Suicide attack in Kabul At least 25 killed and 18 injured in kabul attack At least 3 persons killed in PD 3 Organizing a military exercise in the north for Nowruz ceremony Taliban responded positively to Mohammed Ismail Khan call for peace 33 terrorist were killed in several parts of Afghanistan US Army chief of staff visited Kabul to evaluate Military campaign ADB Director General Visits Afghanistan to Discuss Development Priorities 3 killed and 8 others injured during blast in Nangarhar A bear which votes for electing Russian president Taliban claims that a local police commander has join them with 100 fighters in Faryab At least 6 people got injured during a grained attack in Kabul city Taliban released video of the soldier who join them in Farah Abdullah Abdullah: Afghan migrants should be returned by their desire NDS Special Forces arrest 4 suspects from Kabul City Kabul shadow mayor is introduced to general attorney President Ghani discussed peace talks with Pakistan National security advisor 35 ISK fighters including 7 Uzbek citizens were killed in Jozjan Chabarma and Ortablaqi villages of Kunduz was cleaned from Taliban presence Afghanistan and Pakistan NSA Advisors discussed ending violence in the country Today’s Suicide attack Narrated by Images 3 people killed and 4 injured in today’s Kabul attack 12 ISK fighters were killed in Haska Mena and Nazian districts of Nangarhar Suicide attack happened in Kabul A police soldier in Farah surrendered his equipment’s to Taliban China has increased military presence in Afghan- Tajik Border 4 ANA soldiers escaped from Taliban prison in Logar Kamal Sadat called Film Actor “son of Bitch” and insult him Anchor and videographer of Arian TV was beaten by police in Herat Stoltenberg: there is an opportunity to end conflict in Afghanistan First phase of Kankur examination will be held in second week of New Year 25 Taliban fighter was killed by a civilian in Paktika Taliban shot down a women for adultery in Badakhshan 4 civilians injured in an IED attack in Kunduz city A civilian death resulted to close Kabul- North highway ANA has arrested four gunmen with two explosives-laden vehicles in Khost province. Car bomb attack targeted Border police in Helmand New born baby named Donald Trump in Afghanistan Anar Darah District of Farah province fall down to Taliban hand 16 military members of Afghan forces were killed during Taliban attack in Takhar 15 killed and at least 22 injured is reported from Kabul terror attack Panjshir, is threatened by ISIS recruitment Taliban probable Receiving new support from Russia and Iran Accusation of Afghan government for inattention in fight against ISIS Banning of virginity examination by the head of PD 9 Disclosure of funding and equipping regional terrorist sources by Atmar in second Kabul process meeting 22 terrorists were sent to death in North and northeast of the country 50 terrorists were killed in different parts of Afghanistan At least 300 terrorists were killed in 18 provinces of Afghanistan in Past 7 days Nicholson: for bringing peace, pressures will increase on Taliban and their supporters Taliban: for ending crisis of Afghanistan US must meet us face to face Chief Executive of NUG: no place is secure for civilians in Afghanistan 800 members of assistance brigade will be deployed to Afghanistan 3 ISIS fighters were killed in eastern Afghanistan At least 11 people were killed and injured in 2 separate attacks in Helmand Two NDS employees were killed in today’s Kabul Attack Taliban casualties in Takhar Global money laundering watchdog: Pakistan is add on Terror financing list Lashkargah and Nadali district of Helmand witnessed 2 motor bomb attack Breaking News: Blast occurred in Police Department 9 of Kabul President: TAPI project changed Afghanistan to a Project corridors Beginning of TAPI Project in Herat City Interior ministry: in upcoming days reports of Intercontinental hotel attack will be shared with president 14 Afghan migrants were expelled from Germany 76 thousand Afghan refugees has returned from Iran and Pakistan in 2018 Sergei Lavrov: we are worried about ISIS presence in Afghanistan but US and NATO forces denies it Taliban must negotiate with Afghan government instead of Washington Abdullah Abdullah: Countering narcotics need resolute and serious action Mortazawi: a new chapter for development and outreach Chief Executive Office: Action’s needed to reduce civilian casualties Government: Badakhshan mines are Public domain National Defense Ministry: 11 terrorist were killed in past 24 hours Nicholson: We are on Afghan security forces side to eliminate terrorists US State Department: Strong ties between Trump and Modi cause India’s active presence in Afghanistan Jens Stoltenberg: Taliban will not win the battle in Afghanistan Chief Executive Office: distribution of electrical ID cards requires more discussion and accuracy Washington recognizes concerns of Ankara to secure its borders Nicky Haley: Security Council’s response to Iran’s acts Florida shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz charged with murder Bilawal Bhutto: US doesn’t know why it is in Afghanistan’ Mohammad Hanif Atmar: Afghanistan is committed to stability in the region 1.17 million Afghan citizens are victims of war crimes Hamid Karzai: America is not in Afghanistan to defeat Taliban UNAMA: more than Ten thousand civilians were killed and wounded in 2017 Israeli fighters targeted by Syrian troops US Department of Defense: “Gerald Ford”, the largest aircraft carrier, is inefficient 17 students were killed in Florida and 16 others injured Alert of possible French attack on Syria Najibullah azad: Regardless of specific pressures of some circles, I couldn’t talk to the media NAI: Access to information is limited in national unity government US State Department: Washington has not transferred ISIS to Afghanistan Every day, 30 to 40 thousand Afghan citizens receive a new ID Cards Pakistan has fenced 160 KM of Afghan-Pak border recently The car bombed exploded before reaching the target in Farah Soon Uzbekistan will convene Tashkent meeting with regional countries to provide peace in Afghanistan Pakistani Foreign Minister: If US want an end to Afghan war, they must pay fencing costs in the joint border Russian Military Advisors Killed in US Airstrike in Eastern Syria We support peaceful rallies against extremism in Pakistan Kabulov: US Military is allowing Dayesh members to infiltrate Afghanistan An employee of GIZ office was kidnapped from Paghman district Security situation in Afghanistan was subject of Trump and Modi Phone discussion Takhar security officials: Taliban have built a township in Takhar to increase their incomes One Chinese and 3 Uzbek fighters were killed during an Airstrike in Jozjan The United States is looking at the process of civilian assistance to Pakistan and possibility of cutting it President Ghani: Fundamental reforms are under way in security institutions Interior Minister: Kabul security field commanders are assigned through free competition MOD: At least 84 terrorists have been killed in various parts of Afghanistan Interior Ministry: At least 38 terrorists were killed and wounded during cleaning operations in Deh yak District of Ghazni Farah governor: terrorists do not have the power to confront military, and they have failed National Directorate of Security Newsletter: Over the past twenty four hours, more than 50 terrorists have been killed. Abdul Badi Sayad: Independent Election Commission Will Commit Its Responsibilities Baghlan Police: Rescue Operation of Engineers ended with the death of 2 Talib fighters President Ghani: I signed retirement documents of 164 generals to win the battle Mike Pence: United States stands shoulder to shoulder with the Afghan people in every situation Breaking News: Suicide Bomber targeted Police in Kandahar Washington warning: Pakistan is not permitted to give shelter to Taliban in its territory Jamyat Islami: failure of government to address the issue of replacing Noor is a source of concern White House: Avoid fro violence after disputes on Balkh province Sayed Hafizullah Hashimi: we will protect Afghan citizen’s votes At least 3 Save the children employees were killed during yesterdays attack President Ghani urged Afghan citizens to carry Estesqa Pray for raining Attack on Safe the Children killed and injured at least 28 people President Ghani emphasized on Protecting International organizations after Jalalabad attack Safe the Children postponed its activities in Afghanistan after Nangarhar Attack Afghan Air Force Receive 4 More Black hawk Helicopters from US Pakistan police arrests murderer of 7 years old girl in Punjab MOI: for recognizing victim bodies of Intercontinental hotel we need RS support RS Mission in Afghanistan: United States and Afghan Air Campaign Expands Ministry of Defense: at least 113 terrorists were killed in past 24 hours US urge Pakistan after continental hotel attack: kick of Taliban leaders from you soil MOI arrests all Kabul Balkh security company officials 2017 was the most violated year for afghan children Delhi denies visa to Pakistanis 7 dead as rebels storm Indian paramilitary camp in Kashmir China denies allegations of illicit oil sales to North Korea Re electing of IEC Missing member after weeks delay 1900 Air Raids conducted by Afghan forces in 19 months  IRGC Frees Iranian Hostage who was kept in Afghanistan At least 18 people killed and 14 wounded in Jalalabad city Russia Criticize the Arm deal between US and Ukraine Reza Rabani: Pakistan does not need and deadlines from other countries even USA Britain FM Visits Moscow For First Time In Five Years Mussels Christians celebrate Christmas for the first time after defeating ISIS Four Indian Soldiers Killed In Pakistan Attack on Kashmir Afghanistan, Pakistan and China’s foreign minsters will meet tomorrow Bomb hoax leads to evacuation of Californian shopping center Interior Ministry: at least 5 people were killed in today’s Kabul blast Afghan Defense Minister: Taliban Office in Qatar is Useless to us Afghanistan: At least 7 dead, 3 injured in roadside bomb blast Kabulov: arround 10000 ISIS militants are present in Afghanistan Interior minister: we have shared our concerns about border tensions with UN Security Council