Pakistan Army: If the Taliban come to power, we will recognize them

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The Pakistani military has long dreamed of overthrowing Afghanistan’s 20-year-old regime and powerful army. In the latest case, the group is trying to destabilize Afghanistan by sending dozens of troops and fighters affiliated with extremist groups based in Pakistan. Indian media quoted Pakistani military officials saying that the ISI-affiliated Pakistani military had decided to recognize the group if the Taliban won.


“The army, as well as the head of the ISI, has stated that they are ready to recognize the Taliban if they come to power in Afghanistan. In its current state, India is closely monitoring recent developments in Afghanistan,” Van India reported. Recent developments in Kabul are worrying, and the Taliban have already violated the US-US peace agreement signed in 2020. But the biggest challenge is that Lashkar-e-Taiba fighters are fighting on behalf of the Taliban in Afghanistan and are “The group is now working on training and equipping more suicide bombers to support the group.”


“The Lashkar leadership not only continue to advise the Taliban but also attend the group’s training camps. Currently, Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammad fighters are very active in Nangarhar.” In addition, the group’s terrorists are widely present in Paktia, Kunar, and Khost provinces, and Indian intelligence has unprecedentedly increased its surveillance role over the groups; Pakistan is trying its best to do so. “Their goal is to ensure that the Taliban come to power in Afghanistan.”


Earlier, Pakistani intelligence chief Fayyaz Hamid said in the absence of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan at a meeting of the country’s parliamentary group that the Taliban presence in areas close to the border had increased to an unprecedented level. Fayyaz Hamid and Qamar Bajwa, the head of the ISI and the chief of staff of the Pakistan Army, said that as their influence over the Taliban increased, so did their focus on whether the Indians were in contact with the Taliban. The Pakistani generals had insisted that the Indians had met with the Taliban, but these meetings were informal.


At the same time, the two Pakistani militias had insisted that they were in no way ready to give the United States a military base but that Washington could use Pakistani airspace because an agreement had been signed between Islamabad and Washington under Pervez Musharraf. Meanwhile, Indian intelligence agencies report that the Taliban are being trained in Lashkar-e-Taiba camps in Hyderabad, Pakistan. At the same time, Jaish-e-Mohammad has trained dozens of suicide bombers to worsen Afghanistan’s security situation.