50 percent increase in violence in the country

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At a news conference hosted by the government’s Ministry of Peace, the Department for Violence Reduction and Ceasefire released the results of their four-month report.


Seyed Abdullah Hashemi, Head of Monitoring for Violence Reduction and Ceasefire, in this press conference of 93 suicide attacks, 650 rocket attacks, 1675 mine explosions, 844 assassinations, and targeted killings. Six hundred fifty reports of ambushes and clashes in the last four of us by the Taliban.
Mr. Hashemi added that in June this year, the Taliban carried out 25 suicide attacks, 402 incidents of landmines, 3,385 attacks on security forces, 445 attacks, and 650 ambushes and clashes.


Thus, in May, the group carried out 16 suicide attacks, 455 mine blasts, 3289 attacks on security forces, 463 attacks, and 765 ambushes and clashes.


Also, in June of this year, the group carried out 31 suicide attacks, 723 mine explosions, 5748 attacks on security and defense forces, 1175 attacks, and 1242 ambushes and clashes with security and defense forces.


And in May, the Taliban carried out 21 suicide attacks, 401 landmine explosions, 4,428 attacks on security and defense forces, 855 attacks, and 911 ambushes and clashes.
A total of 5,587 people were killed and injured in the clashes, of which 2,566 were killed, and 3,021 were injured.


Among 2566 dead, 1446 are men, 650 women, and 925 children.

Mr. Hashemi added that the casualties resulting from the incidents are divided into five categories: casualties from ground clashes, deaths from assassinations, killings and targeted killings, casualties from landmines, rocket attacks, and suicide attacks.


Hashemi said that statistics show that the Taliban have increased their attacks by an average of 35 percent per month, in response to which the Taliban have suffered significant casualties in the last four months, with at least 24,609 Taliban insurgents. In addition, it clashes with security and defense forces killed and wounded.


Every month this month, the Taliban killed 2,331, wounded 1,798, and captured 305;
Also, in May, the group had 2,934 killed, 237 wounded, and 308 captured
In June, the Taliban killed 5,500, injured 4,143, and seized 454.


And in the month of cancer, 2790 were killed, 1894 wounded, and 113 captured
The head of the Monitoring for the Reduction of Violence and Ceasefire added that the statistics show that the Taliban suffered heavy casualties on the battlefield in June.