Heavy casualties of the Taliban in Guzara and Karkh districts of Herat province

Afghanistan Mohammad Nabi KarimiMohammad Nabi karimi Thursday July 29th, 2021 0 Views



Security officials in Herat province say at least 100 Taliban insurgents have been killed and nearly 100 others wounded in a Taliban attack on several districts in the area that have met resistance from security forces and popular uprisings. In addition, dozens of Taliban fighters have been injured.


The press office of the governor of Herat published a newsletter on Thursday (7/29/2021) in a newsletter: “More than 38 Taliban insurgents have been killed and wounded in the Gozara district of Guzara district, bringing the total number of enemy casualties to 80. According to security intelligence, forty fighters have been killed and 42 others wounded.”


But the Taliban claimed in a video that they had taken control of the Pol-e-Malan checkpoint.
The statement added that seven Taliban insurgents, including three local commanders of the group, were killed. More than 20 others were wounded in a Taliban attack in the Karukh district of Herat province. In these clashes, security forces are said to have seized large quantities of Taliban weapons and ammunition; The newsletter did not say anything about the casualties of the security forces.


Local officials in Herat also said that the colorful and moral presence of the People’s Resistance Forces and the country’s security and defense forces in each of these checkpoints and belts is commendable. Furthermore, the officials stressed that the Herat Military Coordination Council, while appreciating the resilience and courage of the security, defense, and civilian forces, informed Herat that significant measures had been taken to improve the security situation.


Meanwhile, according to official figures from the Ministry of Defense, the Taliban have intensified their attacks on districts and provinces in recent months, where nearly 1,000 Taliban fighters are killed or wounded daily, and security officials in Pakistan. It is considered to be the cause of misery and support for the Taliban, a claim that Pakistan has repeatedly denied.