e storm of the “Sanction Pakistan” campaign on social media

Afghanistan Mohammad Nabi KarimiMohammad Nabi karimi Wednesday August 11th, 2021 0 Views




As the war in Afghanistan escalated and the Taliban took control of urban centers, Afghan citizens launched a low-profile campaign called “Sanction Pakistan,” and findings from social media, especially Twitter and Facebook, show that this campaign is expanding rapidly.


Citizens of Afghanistan, India, the United States, Pakistan, and other Asian countries have often joined Afghan social media users in supporting the call for sanctions against Pakistan. The campaign began with an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council and is still ongoing.
According to reports, Facebook has pledged that if the campaign continues for 96 hours, it will inevitably temporarily boycott Pakistani Facebook users. According to reports, 370,000 users have joined the campaign on Twitter alone, which is valid on Facebook. Users have launched a hashtag (Sanction Pakistan) calling for a UN Security Council boycott of Islamabad. The most exciting axis of this campaign is that at the end of each message, all users of the US President, White House, US State Department, and all official US structures attack and try to convince the Americans to boycott Pakistan by posting this message on Facebook. Slowly


Afghan users are not content with this hashtag in recent days. Still, they use this virtual world to browse the official pages of the United Nations, NATO, the British government and Pakistani officials. By publishing the hashtag (Sanction Pakistan), they ask the international community Pakistani support for the Taliban must be cut off en masse. The group must join the peace process as soon as possible. According to users of virtual networks, the Taliban is the leading cause of the current crisis in Afghanistan. The country is currently present at the peace talks on the one hand, and on the other hand, uses the Taliban as its proxy tool.


The campaign has escalated as the Taliban continue to advance in the current situation, with a record low after 20 years and with the complete withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. The group has been able to seize the centers of nine provinces. Bring. As violence escalates for Afghan citizens, the only way forward is to see what the world will do to Pakistan and the Taliban once the deadline is met.