The totalitarian and corrupt Republic joined the people for its survival



Author: Tahab Nawabi


The republican system is theoretically and practically compatible with an Islamic system. In other words, in both cases, the public will of the people is considered to determine sovereignty; in Islam, the Islamic Ummah determines the fate of the system and the leader through a council or consensus, and in the Republic by a majority vote. Unfortunately, in Afghanistan, however, by using the name of the Republic, a handful of ignorant totalitarians and extreme tribalists in power marginalized the elites of other brave and self-sacrificing Afghan tribes. With the cooperation of their foreign masters and by hiring a number of flatterers and paying ransoms for the traitors of other nations over the past 20 years, these totalitarians have lobbied and deceived to convince the international community that their regime is all-encompassing and nationalistic. All tribes share it.


While last year’s presidential election and the announcement of its disgraceful results, all their efforts and lobbying were reduced to zero, and their demagogic tricks were exposed. Whether the international community, led by the Americans, viewed the situation in Afghanistan with a dual political approach or whether they remained silent out of ignorance is another question that needs further investigation. I want to address the issue more realistically; the only major cause of such unstable governments in Afghanistan is injustice, the prejudice caused by the ignorance of some political leaders towards the principal owners of this country, namely the silent majority and deprivation of rights and It is their material and spiritual privileges.


For example, 60 percent of the current regime’s cabinet and high-ranking posts under the name of the Republic are monopolized by ignorant and fanatical tribalists, 20 percent of seats are reserved for the flatterers and flatterers of other tribes who are systematically managed. Hundreds’ ransom for extortionists and traitors, imagine 5 percent or more of two passports in consultation with foreign embassies in Kabul, and imagine the rest of the show’s incompetent posts competing among the silent majority. The peak of the catastrophe. Some may claim that these statistics are not accurate, they are correct, but I make this claim based on the investigative report and documents I received from one of the government ministries. According to this report, 80% of the seats of the heads and advisors of the first and second positions of the mentioned ministry are allocated to one person, and the rest of us with other populations are starving in other tribes!


Would you mind looking at this issue with a little thought and care? Is the population of Afghanistan composed of three ethnic groups? Where in the Republic is there such injustice and the right to perish? In the front line of the battle, who shielded his life? Who will fight the enemies of the homeland to the last to preserve this system? Which strata are most victims of freedom of expression, and dozens more, the answer is obvious, the children of the poor and the silent majority. We have written many times about the injustice and alienation of ethnic fragmentation. With the monopoly of power, they do not stir up more ethnic divisions because we Afghans need unity and unity the most; who listens?! Even if it comes from heaven, a system with no famous roots will not have legitimacy and survival. Today, however, with misery, helplessness, and despair of foreign support, the monopolists have once again reached out to the people for their survival. Why is it wise to do something that is a burden of regret? Thanks to other ignorance.


In the end, although for the people, the totalitarian yoke and the whipping of the Taliban are not much different, history shows that our selfless and xenophobic people, with their pure intentions towards the homeland, have preferred national interests and have not allowed any mercenary to rule. The mother of their motherland will be raped, and today they will work hard to defend this property. To break this deadlock, maintain the unity and solidarity of the tribes with a knowledge-based rationalist approach and ensure social justice in the true sense of the word, a political consensus between elites and political activists in mobilizing and uniting the tribes. Together, brother, they will act better and more efficiently than the giant atomic bomb against the enemies of this country. They wished Afghanistan, in every sense, united, accessible, and independent!