US General: The US Embassy in Kabul will be closed

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A senior US military official has said the United States might close its embassy in Afghanistan if a new government, including the Taliban, is formed.


The commander-in-chief of US CENTCOM has said that the United States is determined to continue its presence in Afghanistan unless the new government in Afghanistan asks them not to have any diplomatic presence in Afghanistan.


All political missions, including the US Embassy and NATO member states, are present in Afghanistan. They have extended their diplomatic presence at the invitation of Mr. Ghani’s government. However, it is believed that if a new political structure is formed in Afghanistan, these countries will not be able to continue their political presence.


“We will not be there until we, as you know, are invited,” Marin Gen. Kenneth Mackenzie told a Dubai media outlet by telephone Monday.


The Australian embassy in Kabul had previously been closed due to the insecurity of its diplomats following the withdrawal of US troops. However, in April, the US Embassy in Kabul asked all staff members who did not need to be physically present at the embassy to leave Afghanistan.


“The immunity of our staff staying in Afghanistan will certainly be fully entrusted to the Government of Afghanistan,” Mackenzie said. “We have decided to have an embassy in Afghanistan,” he added. “But this embassy depends on the invitation of the Afghan government. It will be their first and foremost responsibility to protect our embassy. However, we will take all necessary measures to protect our diplomats, as we have done everywhere in the world,” Mackenzie said.


US consular staff remaining in Afghanistan are currently the busiest; Because they are witnessing a wave of applications by providing Special Immigration Visa (SIV) services to Afghan citizens who have worked with the US or coalition forces in recent years.


But on Monday, the Taliban issued a newsletter stressing that Afghan translators could remain in the country.


According to the Taliban newsletter: “The Islamic Emirate would like to make it clear to all the people who have helped the Americans in recent years that you repent of your past actions and never continue to do things that harm Islam in the future. They will be forgiven.”


“None of them should leave the country for now,” the newsletter added. The Islamic Emirate does not harm them and asks them to return to everyday life and use their expertise in every field they have to serve their country. From our address, there is no danger to them.”


The State Department has reportedly been able to process at least 20 percent of the 18,000 visa applications so far. These requests are made mainly by those who have worked with US forces for the past two decades; It is said that most of these applications are currently in the early stages of processing, but time is also wasted.


But Gen. McKinsey said Monday that although the full withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan is complete, the US military could withdraw its collaborators from Afghanistan and call the United States.
“Whatever order is given to us, we will be able to carry it out fully,” General McKinsey said. Of course, sometimes such decisions are easier said than done. The US military has considerable capacity to do such things. We will do whatever is necessary to ensure the safety of our comrades.”


The US military general is speaking out to oust US military translators with whom he has worked for the past two decades. At least 50 percent of US and NATO troops are now out of Afghanistan and are expected to leave. This process will be completed by September 11, 2021.


But it is believed that with the complete withdrawal of Afghanistan, the United States will once again leave the country alone, as in the 80s and 90s, and with the complete withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, concerns will increase that the civil war will intensify; However, the Taliban have said that once the departure of the Americans from Afghanistan is completed, they are ready to reach an agreement with all parties involved in Afghanistan.