The youngest chess master in the world is 12 years old

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According to a new report by BBC Farsi, the youngest great chess master in the world has been identified. According to a report published by this traditional media, the world chess master in 2021 is at least 12 years old and is a citizen of the United States. A report published by the BBC mentions the name of this great chess master Abe Manio Mishra. According to the BBC Farsi: “Abhemanio Mishra is the youngest chess master in the world. Abhimanyu Mishra, the American chess player, broke the record of the youngest chess master with only 12 years and four months. He won the title in 2002 at the age of 12 years and seven months. “


“Abimanio Mishra became the youngest international chess master when he was ten years and nine months old. After recent games in Budapest, Abimanio and his family are looking for him to win as a teenager,” the report said. Abhimanyu was two and a half years old when he learned chess and became the youngest American chess expert at seven. He missed a new position due to the Corona epidemic but traveled to Budapest to win the Grand Master’s Tournament. “Chess shines.”


BBC Farsi also wrote in the final part of this report that Abhimaniu wrote on Twitter about this great victory: “Finally, I killed my biggest opponent (the current pandemic) that stopped me for 14 months. “Thank you all for your love and support. I look forward to the World Cup.”


Chess is a game that completely changes human life. Earlier, the BBC Farsi published a report on how the two asylum seekers changed their lives, in which it was written: “Toni and Sherz were two talented children in difficult conditions. Today, they both want to Be the best chess players in the world: Like many immigrant families, starting a new life in the United States was not easy for the Adumi family, who escaped Boko Haram persecution in Nigeria and moved to New York, where they spent the first few months in a homeless shelter. But the youngest son of the family, Tenitulova, better known as Tenny, was attracted to a new hobby in those few months: chess, where he played, studied, and read books. “And he played well.”


The game of chess is also viral in Afghanistan. This intellectual game is known as the royal game because part of this game is attributed to world politics. The movements of each piece represent the actors’ policy and how they can be their rivals. So get out of the way.