The hijab was added to the New Zealand police uniform

The hijab added to the New Zealand police uniform

Hijab has reportedly been added to New Zealand police uniforms to encourage Muslim women to join the police.

New Zealand police officer Zina Ali has told the media that she will be the first police officer to wear the hijab in her military uniform, prompting all police officers to be encouraged to wear it, according to the BBC. Muslim women join the police of that country.

Born in the Fiji Islands, Ms. Zina immigrated to New Zealand with her family as a child, joining the police after a terrorist attack on a mosque in 2019.

A New Zealand police spokesman added that the aim of adding the hijab to their uniforms was to create an inclusive force that reflected the diverse groups in the country.

Meanwhile, the London Metropolitan Police and the Scottish Police had previously offered to add the hijab to their police uniforms.

Reporter: QodsiAh Ishaqazi.