Afghan pilot killed by Taliban

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With the withdrawal of US and NATO troops from Afghanistan, there are now reports from the battlefield that the Taliban have resumed their targeted operations. In the latest case, Reuters reported on the targeted killing of an Afghan pilot moving his house to a safe place in the capital. According to Reuters, the assassinated pilot was named Zamari, and he had been attacked before.


“Zamari, arrested after the Taliban’s escalation, is so frightened that he now wants to move his house from an unsafe location in the capital,” Reuters reported in a special report published on (7/10/2021). “He moved to a safer area. He decided to sell his house and live in a rented house in a safer part of the capital.”


In another part of the report, it is stated: “One day, the 41-year-old pilot met a man who had entered his yard under the pretext of buying his house. But after arriving at Major Zamari’s house, he pulled out his weapon. And shoots the owner of the trading guide and kills him, and then shoots Zamari. When the pilot tries to take up arms, the gunman acts and shoots him in the head. “And his 14-year-old eldest son can’t speak properly after watching the event.”


Meanwhile, Samiullah Doran, the brother of Zamri’s arrested wife, told Reuters: “Zamri had gone to his house in person because he knew the owner of the guide and thought he might not be threatened again, but he did not return, and a family returned. “The big one was left without fate.”


Over the past year, the Taliban have sought to increase panic among the Afghan people by expanding their targeted attacks. In the latest case, the Taliban have resumed their targeted attacks in addition to launching offensive attacks. The Afghan government has not yet commented.