The second richest man in the world lives in a 37 square meter apartment

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Maybe you are familiar with the name and logo of the second richest man in the world! Yes, Ilan Musk, the man who is the CEO of Tesla and is world-renowned. But with his abundant wealth, he was forced to return to an apartment with an area of 37 square meters. Ilan Mask himself has made this issue public.


“Ilan Musk, the founder and CEO of Tesla Motor Company, has been living in a studio unit in Texas since early June,” Ilan Musk was quoted as saying by the police news agency. Europe’s audience has announced that the area of this apartment is 37 square meters, and Ilan Mask has been living in the same apartment for some time.”


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According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Ilan Musk is the second-highest-grossing man globally with a net worth of $ 181 billion. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, is the number one billionaire in the magazine. Euronews also writes that Ilan Musk has rented the apartment from the private space company Space-X, of which he is the founder.


“The 37-square-meter apartment is located in Boca Chika, Texas, near the SpaceX missile base. The new residence of the world’s second-richest man is a prefabricated house that collapses. Designed and marketed by BOXABL and includes a living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom, the price of this apartment unit is about $ 50,000.


Ilan Musk announced last year that he intends to use his movable capital to reduce the profit margins of the companies he manages to provide the necessary resources to invest in the companies he controls. Accordingly, he has sold six of his seven housing units for $ 97.89 million since June last year, earning $ 19.2 million.