The Taliban’s war leadership in the country is in the hands of convinced Pakistani generals


Shamsulhaq Haqjo


With the start of the summer season and the closure of educational institutions in Pakistan, thousands of Pakistani schools are entering Afghanistan with the help of the ESA for the war. Unfortunately, fighters from Lashkar-e-Taiba and other Pakistani extremist groups, along with ISI troops, are also on the rise.


A Pakistani military base on the Spin Boldak border is prepared for the movement of Taliban fighters and individuals every year. Although recent evidence in Pakistani politics does not show that Pakistanis support the Taliban’s military victory and usurpation of power, As the war intensifies, the Taliban want to take control of more areas in Afghanistan to pave the way for Pakistan’s plans and for the war in Afghanistan to continue.


According to security sources, two convinced Pakistani generals command and manage the war in the north, especially in Faryab province. So they also came to Faryab.


The Taliban transferred the looted items from Sar-e-Pul to Ghormach because the Taliban did not trust local people in the area. They are afraid that the Taliban in this area and the people of Faryab districts with them will act against them and capture the looted people.


According to eyewitnesses of the Taliban, all the money and income that they collect from various extortionists by their local people come and go from outside the region on the day of the Taliban and take the money from them and leave. Therefore, no one has the right to protest because the slogan of the Taliban, “Emirate and obedience,” means that all the Taliban and the people who, according to them, are in the area of the emirate and live, should obey the emirate and the command of the emirate commanders unconditionally and without question.


Several Uzbek and other Turkish Taliban in Faryab and some other areas mainly had joined ISIL. Still, they were re-mobilized into the Taliban, yet they are not very active, and the Taliban do not trust them much. ISI and Pakistanis directly fund these ISIS Taliban. However, the group suffered heavy casualties on various fronts in Afghanistan, including 31 terrorist Taliban in recent days; Killed by heroic forces in Daikundi – 14 Taliban killed on the outskirts of Jawzjan – 25 Taliban killed in Qadis district of Badghis province – 40 Taliban killed in airstrikes in Aliabad Kunduz – 55 terrorists, including 35 Pakistanis died in Gilan Ghazni district.


Also, as a result of joint operations of special units of the General Directorate of National Security and airstrikes in Obe district of Herat province; The Taliban commander was killed along with 20 other terrorists, including Melanjib Rafi, commander of the Taliban’s Red Brigade.


In the latest trick, using people covered by the merits of the whites, several government posts and units in some parts of the country have been stabilized and identified by threatening the elders, influential people, and the merits of the whites with influence, and as a result the security and defense forces. To deceive the country under the guise of “war or surrender” and facilitate lands and ammunition occupation.


Aware and courageous Afghanistan’s national security have become aware of this terrorist Taliban trick and have taken extraordinary measures to curb it without wasting time. For example, during a special operative operation in Sayad district of Sar-e-Pul province, three people under cover of Mahasin were identified and arrested.