Withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan

US Republican Leader: Withdrawal of US troops weakens US

The leader of the Republican majority in the US Senate opposed the president’s decision to reduce the number of US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sen. Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader in the US Senate, said yesterday (Monday, November 19) that he opposes the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Republican leader of the US Senate claimed that the country has a very limited but important role in defending US national security and interests against terrorists.

The remarks came as CNN quoted two US officials as saying earlier that US commanders predicted that Donald Trump would soon issue a formal order to reduce the number of US troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The decision comes after a clean-up at the Pentagon following the ouster of Secretary of Defense Mark Speer led to the appointment of Trump-loyal officials.

The Pentagon plans to limit its troop numbers to 2,500 in each of Afghanistan and Iraq, according to US officials. The United States currently has 4,500 troops in Afghanistan and 3,000 in Iraq.

Trump had previously written on Twitter that a small number of brave men and women left in Afghanistan should return home by Christmas.

The Washington Post recently reported that former Secretary of Defense Mark Speer had sent a secret letter to President Donald Trump before his ouster over the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, expressing concern.

The former US Secretary of Defense stated in the letter that the reasons for concern of the American officials could be the damage to the allied relations and the possible violation of the negotiations between Afghanistan.

This summer, the Taliban, after two years of talks with the Donald Trump administration and the signing of an agreement with the United States, raised hopes that violence in Afghanistan would escalate.

At the same time, recent violence, such as the attack on Kabul University, has once again blurred the horizon of peace in the country.