The Taliban attacked the security checkpoints of Salma Dam and Shah and Arous

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As the Taliban continue to terrorize and commit crimes in Afghanistan, the group is destroying all of Afghanistan’s infrastructure. In the latest case, the Afghan government has announced that parts of the two dams have been partially destroyed by Taliban attacks on security checkpoints at the Salma Dam in Herat and the Shah and Arus Dam in Kabul Shakardara district. Nizam Khaplwak, a spokesman for the National Water Authority, said the Taliban had attacked security checkpoints at the Salma Dam in Herat and the Shah and Arous Dam in Kabul province, as a result of which bullets hit the body of the Shah and Arus Dam wall. As a result, it has caused relative damage to its wall.


“Armed Taliban have carried out an armed attack on the Salma, Shah, and Arous dams, which has damaged the body wall of the Shah and Arus dams,” said Nizamuddin Khaplwak, a spokesman for the National Water Authority. Water regulation calls on the Taliban not to damage public property during the conflict, a public benefit project that is important for Afghanistan’s development, job creation, enlightenment, and more. “Let us all jointly protect public facilities and national projects.”


The Afghan government insists on protecting public property from Taliban insurgents, who have destroyed dozens of infrastructure and utility projects in the last four months of war across Afghanistan. In the latest case, reports from the Sarkhrod district of Nangarhar state that the group was able to challenge the movement of Sarkhrod residents by destroying three bridges.


The Afghan government has said that at least several billion afghanis in public property have been damaged in recent fighting between the country’s security and defense forces and Taliban insurgents. Government officials emphasize that although the Taliban claim to maintain the facility, based on orders from Pakistan, the group has no will to maintain public facilities. Moreover, unlike the Taliban, it seeks to Destroy national assets. The Taliban have not yet commented.