The Taliban assassinated ten deminers in Baghlan

Afghanistan شاکر سنگیShaker Sangi Wednesday June 9th, 2021 0 Views



The Baghlan police command said that the Taliban assassinated at least ten employees of the Holocaust demining institute in the central Baghlan district last night. A spokesman for the Baghlan Police Command confirmed the incident: “Last night, the Taliban did not fulfill their promise to charity and the group’s fighters attacked a mine clearance camp in the Sheikh Jalal area of central Baghlan. “In this incident, ten employees of the Mine Action Institute were martyred, and 16 other deminers were injured.”


Baghlan police say they are continuing investigations into the incident. Meanwhile, the victims of this incident say that the perpetrators of this attack were people affiliated with the Taliban. Abdul Wahid, one of the injured in the incident, said: “At 10 pm, masked men attacked our camp. We lived in a camp of about 140 people. At first, he gathered us all in one room, and then they took all our belongings from us; they asked us who among you is Hazara. You know the Islamic government, after the investigation they finally said that everyone should be killed and there was a fire, we all fled when we went camping. “We went back and saw that 10 of our colleagues had died and 16 others, including myself, had been wounded.”


کشته شدن بیش از ده کارمند ماین پاکی در ولایت بغلان


Another victim of this incident is Musa Khan; “Five or six gunmen attacked our camp with their faces tied up. They took our money and mobile phones and then asked us if there were any Hazaras among us. We said no once to “They fired, and finally, everyone fled. The wounded remained on the scene. It was very shocking.”


“We still do not know who is guilty and who is innocent. On the one hand, they are killing a landmine, and on the other hand, they are killing the army soldiers. I do not know what they want,” said Ahmed, a relative of last night’s victims. “How long will they terrorize this poor nation?”


However, some of the victims of the attack consider the Taliban to be the main culprit. But the Taliban have condemned the incident in a newsletter. The Taliban said in a statement that the attack was “brutal” and that “we will never do anything against civilians.” The Taliban have also insisted that the attack had nothing to do with them.