استفاده جوانان از مواد مخدر

What are the causes of drug addiction among young people?

Afghanistan with the largest youth population; But unfortunately, in the meantime, some young people choose a path that ends in ruin, displacement, poverty, misery, and helplessness.
But what is the main reason for young people to turn to drugs? The following question will be answered briefly to better understand it:

In the first case, the family is the center in which characters are formed and delegated to society. Families must take responsibility for managing their children in a fundamental way. For example, families should not use tobacco in the presence of children during a crucial period. , Because it arouses the child’s curiosity and the child tries in every possible way to know the taste of tobacco used by the father or a family member, and the persistence of carelessness and inattention of family members is the reason for minors’ addiction to tobacco.

In the second case, the stage of adolescence, sometimes a person feels false fitness and pride by using tobacco and does the right thing in front of himself and his friends, who, in their own words, seems to be a great person; But if they are asked why they use tobacco, and if you talk about the harms, they say for no apparent reason, that I use it enthusiastically and I do not become addicted, unaware that they are wasting their lives and axing their feet.

In the third case, choosing incompetent and unrestrained friends, at this stage, the incompetent friends that he chooses in his life, causes him to turn to tobacco, for example, they give the reason that, come and use smoke, it is nothing and Addressing that, in their own words, the idle head is empty or that it is not Mami’s child … Using the same indecent behaviors, they provoke the young person, and at first, the person uses the substance with complete carelessness, and when it passes, He finally gets addicted for a while.

The fourth case is the use of raw materials such as bread, cigarettes, cigarettes, and then, in general, intoxicating substances such as tablet K, zipper, tramadol, alcohol, etc., which eventually lead to distance from good friends, family. , Health and being away from a healthy community … becomes.

Unemployment is another factor that most young people turn to drugs, a young person who, after graduating from school or university, seeks work everywhere to provide a livelihood for his family, poverty on the one hand, and unemployment on the other. Makes him bitter and uses drugs to get rid of his unemployment grief for a few moments.

what should we do?

Tobacco should not be used in front of children.

Families should work with their proper and responsible management of their children to prevent drug addiction and its bad consequences.
Young people should be careful in choosing friends and make more efforts with whom they meet and stand.
And young people who commit such an ugly act despite forgetting unemployment and family responsibilities must find their strengths and weaknesses and try to eliminate their weaknesses and exudes their strengths so that they can live a healthy life. A healthy life involves a healthy family, a healthy family forms a small, healthy community, and over time it evolves into a mass of healthy people.