Moheb: The government sees no justification for the Taliban violence

Afghanistan شاکر سنگیشاکر سنگی Sunday May 2nd, 2021 0 Views

Hamdullah Moheb, Afghan government National Security Council adviser, attended a news conference yesterday (Saturday, May 4). Although he raised questions and criticized the Taliban acts and continuing violence and atrocities of the Taliban, and he stressed that the United States has remained silent on the group.


In addition, Moheb said the government saw no justification for fighting the Taliban because NATO and US forces were preparing to leave Afghanistan.


Mr. Moheb added that the Taliban are a force backed by the Pakistani intelligence service and that the group is always seeking the interests of that country.


The National Security Adviser emphasizes that the Taliban justify the war at the ISI command in most cases.


President Ghani’s national security adviser stressed that if the Taliban justified the killing of civilians, they would justify their slavery to an intelligence agency.


According to Moheb, the Taliban receive their military equipment and explosives from the Pakistani intelligence service (ISI). The Taliban are Pakistani puppets, and their goal is to kill Afghans and destroy Afghanistan; the whole world knows that” he added.


The senior Ghani government official believes that al-Qaeda has played a vital role in keeping the Taliban alive to fight in Afghanistan and be so active than in the past; Mr. Moheb insisted that the group deny any links to al-Qaeda. “The Taliban claim that no other group can operate except them, according to their orders, the violence will stop, and no one will attack,” Moheb stressed. The Taliban are responsible for this, and al-Qaeda and ISIS are working with the group. However, there are those in the Taliban who consider the group’s continued violence to be illegal.”


On the other hand, the acting Minister of National Defense, Yassin Zia, confirmed that US and NATO forces are leaving Afghanistan and that an applicable withdrawal has begun. Mr. Zia told reporters that foreign forces would soon hand over areas whose logistics were being handled to the Afghan Defense Forces.