Mohammed Baqer Mohaqiq son of Mohammad Mohaqiq was killed by his brother

Sources close to the Islamic Unity Party have reported the killing of Mohammad Baqer Mohaqeq, son of Haji Mohammad Mohaqeq, head of the Islamic Unity Party in a clash with his brother.

The Interior Ministry has confirmed that the incident happened around 9:30 am when Hussein Mohaqeq, Mr. Mohaqeq’s younger son, fought in a verbal altercation and then became involved in a physical altercation. As a result of this incident, Mohamad baqer is killed along with five of his bodyguards and is wounded by Hussein Mohaqeq. The wounded were taken to the National Security Hospital, the Interior Ministry said.

Mohammed Bagher, a researcher with a law degree, was a candidate for Kabul in last year’s parliamentary elections