Geneva meeting

Peace, development and security the hot topics of Geneva summit

At Geneva Summit, an online conference entitled “Peace, Development, and Security Relations” attended by Seyed Saadat Mansour Naderi, Minister of State for Peace and Member of the Negotiating Committee of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Dr. Hamdallah Moheb, National Security Adviser, Deborah Lyons, UN Special Representative for Afghanistan Other organizations were organized, including the United Nations, the World Bank, the Aga Khan Foundation Development Network, and NATO.

At the end of the summit, Mr. Naderi called the results of the discussions useful and said that the Ministry of Government for Peace Affairs welcomes the launch of such discussions and will try to implement the ideas and suggestions presented in these discussions.

The Minister of State for Peace added that the key points of today’s debate show that we need a balanced view of security, development, and peace. “We need to focus on development and peace-building innovations, and prioritize resolving local conflicts, institutionalizing human rights, and reducing long-term violence against civilians,” he said. We must also make significant progress in education and economic opportunities, especially for young people.

“Afghanistan’s security and defense forces need support in the fight against global terrorism, which is a common war, and we are proud of the achievements of the last two decades,” said the Minister of State for Peace.

Regarding the Geneva conference, he said that the conference not only supports Afghanistan financially but also sends a message to the Afghan people politically and psychologically that the international community has not forgotten them.