Amrullah Saleh's reaction to the words of Atta Mohammad Noor

Saleh’s reaction to Atta Mohammad Noor

The first vice president of the country tells the executive chairman of the Jamiat-e-Islami party, “If there is anything left of your Ziai titles, accept our apologies. I will take serious care of my teeth.”

Amrullah Saleh, the first vice president, wrote on his Facebook page on Tuesday (November 25): “The presence of termite agents, who have weakened and rotted the country’s financial system from within for many years, also includes our work.”

Mr. Saleh added: “Of course, they may have pointed out to your Excellency that we have a thick file of information on your surprise, which shows which circles waste a lot of the nation’s facilities on a monthly basis. It will take time to let you know that we know. “In any case, the Balkh Security Pact is similar to the city master plan.”

“I have to tell you seriously that I take great care of my teeth. I went to the Afghan-German hospital in Kloleh-e-Pishteh a while ago because of my dental duties,” the first vice president joked. Now my teeth are fit and I want to be safe from the bites of the times.

Reporter: Mohammad Nabi Karimi