Pakistan’s unprecedented reactions to Moheb’s meeting with Nawaz Sharif

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A day ago, the Afghan Security Council announced that Hamdullah Moheb, Afghanistan’s national security adviser, had met with the Nawaz branch leader and former Pakistani prime minister in London and called on Nawaz Sharif to persuade the current Pakistani government to intervene. In the affairs of Afghanistan. The other day, Afghanistan’s national security adviser posted pictures of their recent meeting with Nawaz Sharif, saying that Hamdullah Moheb had met with Nawaz Sharif and encouraged Islamabad to work together on what the Afghan government needed.


The meeting has now provoked strong reactions from Pakistani officials. In the latest case, the Pakistani Dawn newspaper wrote: “After the meeting between Hamdallah Moheb and Nawaz Sharif in exile, this issue provoked the reaction of Pakistani officials, after which senior government officials formally convened a meeting. Pakistani officials called Hamdallah Moheb’s meeting with Nawaz’s Muslim League leader intolerable. They called for clarification as Afghan National Security Adviser Hamdallah Moheb took an unprecedented stance against the Pakistani government. “And the Pakistanis boycotted Moheb because of his harsh words.”


Earlier, Pakistani Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry tweeted: “Sending Nawaz Sharif out of Pakistan was dangerous because he could conspire against Pakistan internationally in exile. Nawaz Sharif met with Hamdullah Moheb, one of the figures. “Loyal to India’s intelligence is a clear example of this conspiracy. Modi, Moheb, Amrullah Saleh, who are Pakistan’s enemies, are known to be close friends of Nawaz Sharif.”


At the same time as senior Pakistani officials were outraged, dozens of Afghan citizens gathered in front of the Pakistani embassy in London, stressing that Pakistan must stop interfering in Afghanistan’s affairs. Protesters chanted slogans such as “Behind this terror are the military and Pakistan is dead” and called on the international community to increase global pressure on Pakistan.


Islamabad has reacted to the meeting between Moheb and Nawaz Sharif as dozens of Taliban fighters across Afghanistan are now fighting the country’s security and defense forces. In the latest case, Spin Boldak posted pictures that the Taliban had allowed Pakistanis to enter Afghanistan. Pakistanis had even been asked to take control of the Boldak district at the Spin Boldak checkpoint.