Ministry of Health: The number of black fungus patients in Afghanistan has increased to seven!

Health Shekaib ZaheerShekab Zahir Monday July 5th, 2021 0 Views



Officials at the Afghan Ministry of Public Health have recently announced that the number of people infected with the black fungus disease in Afghanistan has increased to seven, increasing day by day. Osman Taheri, the Deputy Spokesman of the Ministry of Health, said on Monday (7/5/2021) about the black fungus disease in Afghanistan: “The number of fungal disease cases in the country has increased seven, and this number is in Kabul, Baghlan provinces. “Samangan and Balkh have been identified by the Ministry of Health, of which only four have been registered in Kabul.”


Meanwhile, Mr. “Taheri” adds that for these seven residents of the country who have been infected with the black fungus disease, the corona test of these people in the laboratories of the Ministry of Health has also been positive.


Black fungus disease is on the rise in Afghanistan as Abdul Wahid “Majroh,” the head of the Ministry of Health, recently warned that there is black fungus disease among people with coronary heart disease in Afghanistan country’s citizens adhere to the ministry’s health protocols. However, the talk should stay at home.


On Thursday last week (10/4/1400), the Ministry of Health announced in a newsletter that they had identified the first person infected with the black fungus disease in Afghanistan and had registered the incident. However, Ministry of Health officials also warned that the disease was spreading in Afghanistan.


According to the Ministry of Health, black fungus is considered a dangerous disease. It is transmitted from person to person through the dust and respiratory tract, and research by the World Health Organization has shown that this disease has a 54% chance of death.


Meanwhile, the Ministry of Public Health of Afghanistan has once again called on all country citizens to observe the World Health Organization’s health points seriously. In addition, the ministry called on all Afghan citizens not to forget to wear masks and gloves when leaving to avoid coronary heart disease and black fungus.