Recovering the stolen car from the thieves

Security forces recapture a car stolen from thieves

According to a security source, joint security and defense forces of the Kabul were able to recapture a vehicle that had been hijacked by armed robbers the day before in PD 1 of Kabul. According to security sources, the car was stolen yesterday at 10 am, and 12 hours after the incident, the vehicle was recovered during operation of the Paghman district police, and the cooperation of the army and national directorate of security the car was recapture from the robbers.

While Kabul is witnessing the worst criminal incidents these days, security sources say Paghman police were able to seize a stolen vehicle from Bagh-e Qazi area, Kabul’s first district, and hand it over to its owner. “Yesterday at 10 o’clock in the afternoon, armed robbers stole a Fortuner vehicle from the area of the first constituency,” the security source, who did not want to be named, told police.

The source says that the country’s security forces were able to retrieve the car 12 hours after it was stolen. The source added: “The thieves had taken the car to Paghman and wanted to take the car to the neighboring provinces of Kabul via Arghandi. “But Paghman police launched an operation with the cooperation of the army and national directorate security forces, the car was recovered and handed over to its owner.”

Security sources report the recapture of a vehicle in Kabul’s first district, where the capital has witnessed significant security and criminal incidents in recent days. Still, Kabul security officials say efforts are underway to reduce crime across Kabul. Yesterday, the Interior Ministry Deputy Chief of Security announced to the media that the Ministry of Interior is committed to implementing the Kabul Security Pact, and the police are working to prevent crimes around the clock. Meanwhile, the citizens of the capital consider the police and security agencies incapable of providing security services and emphasize that the government must take a severe approach to provide security, especially in the capital.