Completes the unfinished work of Amir Abdul Rahman!


Partaw Naderi


Partaw Naderi, one of Afghanistan’s oldest writers and poets, has written about the country’s abnormal situation and stressed that the incomplete work of Amir Abdul Rahman Khan, who recognized the Durand Line, is currently being completed current situation. Earlier, President Ghani had stated during a visit to Khost that if the Taliban were correct, they should indicate that they had not accepted the Durand Line with the Taliban. Still, it is believed that under Mr. Ghani’s government, this hypothetical line was officially recognized. Therefore, it is, and should not be, that there should be any sensitizing stances on this issue to increase Pakistanis’ sensitivity.


The slave is moving in every direction because he is trying to free himself. Today, the boiling pot of Afghan zeal, Hakim al-Hakma, shook his head and shouted: “I drove the Americans out, they sacrificed, they did not say I defeated,” and the question arose as to whether the Taliban could say they did not accept the Durand Line. I remember this Rumi allegory whenever the deceitful politicians of Afghanistan heat Durand’s argument for their benefit.


This is a symbolic narrative; in appearance, it is a straightforward narrative. A bird flies in the sky, its shadow falling to the ground. Man thinks of the simplicity of this shadow like a bird and runs after it in the air of its prey. A hasty shadow runs across the earth because that being in the shadow of a bird flying in the air. Shadow running on the ground is the flight of a bird in the sky. In other words, this shadow does not exist.


Such is the case with this simple-minded and ignorant man, besides that he does not reach this shadow and cannot hunt it; But does not know where this shadow comes from; But he was looking for a shadow to hunt it down. Such is the case that all his life is spent in vain in such a way that even the last moments of his life can not come true.


Shooting into the shadows is the greedy and futile human endeavor that still cannot see the truth, but Pihem still shoots from its fragments, bows, and throws it into the shadows. Eventually, all the arrows run out, and the other hand remains for him in detail. This fragment is a symbol of human life and the arrows are moments of life. Just as that man, a fool in the air of hunting the shadow of a chicken, runs out of all his arrows in vain. In the same way, a person who cannot see the truth ends all the moments of his life with delusions and fantasies to satisfy his ambitions and selfishness, and the remnants of his life are emptied.


For us, this Durand Line is the shadow of the same bird that flies in the sky, we do not see the chicken in the sky, or we do not try to see it; But we say hi Durand Dui and throw arrows in vain, each time these arrows return to our heads and noses. Mr. Tirandaz, what you call patriotic rhetoric is that at least a century and a half ago, your great leader and master, Amir Abdul Rahman, sold to Britain.


If you are a field man and you want to go hunting for shade and hunt a chicken, “Come to the square” and finish the unfinished work of Daud Khan, even though you do not remember to pray appropriately, it is still symbolic, in Islamabad, prayer Read the morning; Be careful not to throw flowers at the leadership of any ISAI leader in any Pakistani military plane! You said that I would finish the unfinished work of Abdul Rahman; I am afraid that this time, to stay in your power, you will not hand over the Hindu Kush mountains to Pakistan to complete his unfinished work?


I want to ask, the Americans had just arrived, and Pakistan built a government gate on the grass on this side of the border, which was a sign of the official wall. The governor of Kandahar, the representative of Pakistan, and the representative of the United States attended the opening ceremony. A report on the incident was published on the BBC. At that time, a sound came from the stone, not from you! If you do not have political Alzheimer’s, I would like to say that when Imran Khan unveiled such a symbol of the official border between the two countries, the Minister of your cabinet participated in your representation. Where were you then, and why did they not have a voice?


After a series of meetings and understandings with Karzai on the Durand Line in your time, I would like to say that the Pakistani government built a wire wall of at least 2,000 kilometers in this way. Where was the voice of your protest or Karzai? Now that you have launched the Durand Noise at the tip of the boat? “Come to the square,” the supreme commanders, let’s go to Karachi; if you don’t have shortness of breath, let’s go to Delhi! Hear one thing from me: You did not say the work of the earth / That you worked in the sky. Then, one day you yell that the Pakistani Taliban are back in the behind-the-scenes deals with your handmaidens, the district behind the district you surrender to; Do you break the soldiers’ pride and the people of the country? Sometimes I think you are not even honest with yourself, sir! I swear by God that the devil does not know your account!


Sami Hamid, another Afghan poet who has previously served as President Ghani’s cultural adviser, took a similar stance on Durand’s hypothetical line on his official Facebook page.


If you are right on the Durand Line, remove all diplomatic institutions from Peshawar (including Davoodi’s representative). Also, do not draw the map of Afghanistan in school books and other documents such as “fist.” People are not stupid to be deceived by your political tricks.
Dear Northerners!


Afghanistan is the typical home of all the tribes of this land, but do not be deceived by the “ethnic traders.” We should not be killed for the imaginary and stupid claims of others. We are fighting against the Taliban and unlike the servants of Pakistan, but our claim is not Durand. The Durand Line is a “historical error”; The rich have sold this line but are “politically ambivalent”: when they were in power, they sent “consuls, ambassadors, etc.” to Peshawar, but sometimes, when Pakistan stood on their throats, they made the “Durand claim.”


We are with you in defense of the republic, but this defense of the republic should not be reduced to the protection of the “president.” People are no longer stupid. We strike at the mouth of the Taliban and the politics of the professions that play with our destiny at the same time!


If you are defending the Durand Line, you and your family go and fight. We are only protecting our land, which is our motherland. Pakistan is our enemy, but our problem with this “Aparchist country” is not the “Durand Line”; Our problem is that we do not want to sell our homeland at all. We are defending our land!