12 Local police killed in Herat Province

Local officials in Herat province say 12 insurgents have been killed due to Taliban insurgents firing on Ghorian district in the province.
Sardar Bahadori, a member of the Herat Provincial Council, confirmed the news to the media and said that the incident took place last night (January 17) within 200 meters of the district police headquarters.
Mr. Bahadori added that two Taliban insurgents had killed several insurgents and took all their military equipment.
Meanwhile, Abdul Ahad Valizadeh, spokesman for the Herat Police Command, confirmed the incident but did not provide further details.
Ghorian is one of Herat’s most insecure districts, where the Taliban attacked a market last week. The district police chief was killed during the Taliban attack.
Reporter: Shakir Sangi

Local News

The killer of Bismillah Aimaq and the deputy head of the Ghor provincial council killed

A source, who did not want to be named, told PMG News that the main perpetrators of the assassinations of Abdul Ghorman Atshan, deputy head of the Ghor provincial council, and Bismillah Adel Aimaq, a Reporter of (Sadai-Ghor), were killed in a clash with national security forces.

A security source was quoted as saying that national security forces were trying to arrest Ezatullah Beyk, a Ghor provincial council lawyer who was responsible for the assassination of Ghor provincial council deputy Abdul Rahman Atshan and Bismillah Adel Aimaq, director of Sada-e Ghor radio. But instead of surrendering, Ezatullah Beyk engaged in armed conflict with the national security forces, during which he was killed by the security forces.

The source added that one officer of the National Security Directorate was killed and another was wounded during the clash.
Meanwhile, Ahmad Saeedi, a political affairs expert, told police that Ezatullah Beg, a member of the Ghor Provincial Council, was the main killer of Bismillah Adel Aimaq, a reporter for Sada-e Ghor Radio. Mr. Saeedi also added: Ezatullah Beyk recently visited Kabul province during a meeting with President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and asked him to appoint his brother’s wife, Masoumeh Anwari, as the deputy governor of the province. Ghor stipulates that his request will be accepted by the President.

Mr. Saeedi, while acknowledging the clashes between security forces and Ghor Provincial Council member Ezatullah Beyk, clarified that no details were yet available about the death of Ezatullah Baig.

Meanwhile, Bismillah Aimaq, a journalist and editor-in-chief of Sada-e Ghor Radio, was assassinated by unknown individuals near the city of Firuzkuh, the capital of Ghor province, on the (January 12th) of this year.