134 Taliban fighters killed and wounded in the past 24 hours

Afghanistan Mohammaddin Agharkhilمحمدالدین آغرخیل Saturday April 10th, 2021 0 Views

The country’s security officials report heavy casualties of Taliban fighters by the country’s security forces in the last 24 hours in eight provinces of the country.

The Ministry of National Defense (MoD) wrote in a newsletter on Saturday (April 14, 2021): “At least 95 people have been killed in the past 24 hours in Baghlan, Takhar, Balkh, Badakhshan, Ghazni, Uruzgan, Helmand, and Kandahar provinces. “Taliban insurgents have been killed and 39 other fighters wounded.”

As a result of these operations, 342 mines of various types were planted and destroyed by the Taliban in order to target the security and defense forces of the country.

The ministry’s newsletter also states that a large number of weapons and ammunition and this group were destroyed during the operation.

So far, the Taliban have not told the media about the incident.

Meanwhile, the Istanbul Summit on Afghanistan’s peace talks is scheduled to be held in Turkey in the next few days, during which the future of the country will be discussed. President Ashraf Ghani met with Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chairman of the Supreme National Reconciliation Council, to discuss progress in peace talks and preparations for the Istanbul Summit.

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Ashraf Ghani calls on the Taliban for a ceasefire in Ramadan

With the arrival of the holy month of Ramadan, President Ashraf Ghani has called on the Taliban to respond to the legitimate demands of the people, which is a permanent ceasefire.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, has released a video message urging the Taliban to stop fighting violence and enmity with the Afghan people in honor of the holy month of Ramadan.

President Ghani has told the Taliban to prove their intentions for peace instead of war.

In the message, Mr. Ghani said that he was trying to use the window created for peace in order to ensure lasting and just peace and prosperous life for the people.

“We want to end the war in a fundamental way,” he said.

In part of his message, Ghani also called on the country’s security and defense forces to pay more attention to protecting the people and ensuring their security, and provide a safe space for the people to worship.

Meanwhile, the Istanbul meeting on peace in Afghanistan is scheduled to be held in Turkey in a few days, and they will discuss how the future system will be discussed.