17 Taliban insurgents killed in Badakhshan province

Local officials in Badakhshan province say 17 Taliban insurgents have been killed as a result of the group’s attacks on a number of checkpoints in the Jurm district of the province.

Abdul Manaf Nazari, spokesman for the 2nd Brigade of the 217th Pamir Corps in Badakhshan, told local media on Monday that Taliban insurgents had attacked security checkpoints in the Jurm district of the province from several directions late last night.

Mr. Nazari added that the Taliban attack was an offensive and said that security forces thwarted the terrorist group as part of its active defense, in which 17 Taliban members were killed.

Mohammad Aref, Kishm district governor of Badakhshan province, added that three soldiers were killed in the attack in Sartangi village of Kashm district.

The terrorist group has so far said nothing about the events in Badakhshan province.

Meanwhile, Badakhshan province, with its beautiful natural geography, is one of the most insecure provinces in the country, where terrorist groups are always active and have a large presence.

Discovery and seizure of ammunition depot from a hospital in Jalalabad

Security officials in Nangarhar province say they have seized an ammunition depot from a hospital under construction in the provincial capital.

“Today (Monday, September 14), a cache of ammunition was discovered from Fatemeh Al-Zahra Hospital in Jalalabad,” the Nangarhar governor’s press office said in a statement.

The ammunition depot was discovered during the reconstruction of the hospital’s blood bank and appears to have been relocated during the country’s civil war, the newsletter added.

It is also said that 413 miles of weapons and ammunition of various kinds were obtained from this warehouse.

Reporter: Qosia Ishaqzai