29 Taliban Insurgents killed in Helmand

The Ministry of National Defense announces the launch of several air and ground operations in Helmand province. Fawad Aman, a spokesman for the ministry, said that security forces launched several operations in two districts of Helmand province Friday last night (May 15th), killing 29 Taliban insurgents.

Mr. Aman added that the two operations were carried out in the Nahr-e-Siraj and Sangin districts of the province, killing 29 people and injuring 26 others.

The ministry said more than 23 Taliban had been killed, including a Taliban laser beam in Uruzgan province.

Meanwhile, President Ghani ordered a 100-bed hospital in the Barchi Plain after the bloody Kabul incident, which killed a large number of children and women, and ordered the country’s security forces to move from defensive to offensive and to battlefields. Have no mercy on the enemy.