35 people arrested in connection with various crimes in Kunduz!

Local officials in Kunduz province have announced the arrest of 35 people in connection with various crimes in the province.

“Thirty-five people have been arrested by the police over the past 20 days in connection with various crimes in the center and districts of the province,” said Hijratullah Akbari, a Kunduz police spokesman, on Wednesday (June 17th).

Mr. Akbari added: “Recently, the number of criminal offenses in the province has increased and the Kunduz police have taken serious measures to prevent the arrest of criminals and return the city to normal.”

Crime is on the rise in Kunduz and other provinces as the Afghan government has quarantined all of the country’s provinces to prevent the coronavirus, and quarantine is still in place. Many citizens are unemployed.

Some citizens consider quarantine to be a crime in the country.