40 Taliban insurgents killed and wounded in three provinces

Afghanistan عمران فروبلیعمران فروبلی Sunday April 25th, 2021 0 Views

Security officials say 42 Taliban insurgents have been killed in operations by security forces in three provinces.

The Ministry of National Defense wrote in a press release on Sunday (April 23rd): “28 Taliban fighters have been killed as a result of targeted operations by special forces with the support of the air force in Jalrez (Maidan Wardak province).”

security forces
security forces

“In another separate operation in Muqar and Gilan districts of Ghazni province, a group of terrorists who planned to attack security forces’ positions was targeted by airstrikes before reaching the target,” the ministry said in a statement. “As a result, 12 of them were killed and 6 others were injured.”

“In another clash between security forces and Taliban fighters on the Aliabad Khan Abad-Kunduz highway, the group’s leader Zia al-Din (known as Bilal) was killed, another wounded and another detained on the battlefield,” the ministry said. “It has been.”

On the other hand, the organization claims that during these clashes between the security forces and the Taliban, a number of enemy vehicles and weapons were completely destroyed.

Meanwhile, peace talks are progressing slowly, and on the other hand, the fire of war between security forces and Taliban fighters has intensified in different parts of the country.

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9  Taliban insurgents killed and wounded in Ghazni

Local officials in Ghazni province reported that 9 Taliban fighters were killed and wounded in Andar district.

Juma Zadeh, the spokesman for the Ghazni provincial command, told the media today (Wednesday, April 14): “As a result of the clearing operation of the security and defense forces in the village of Nani and Arezoo Kuchak in the province, 9 Taliban insurgents belonging to Qari Nazir “And they are injured.”

Mr. Juma Zadeh added that five Taliban fighters were killed and four others were wounded during the operation. According to a spokesman for the Ghazni Police Command, no government forces were harmed during the incident.

So far, the Taliban have not told the media about the incident.

Meanwhile, as a result of air operations in Dowlatabad and Qaramqal districts of Faryab province yesterday, 7 Taliban insurgents in charge of public health for Qarmqal district were killed and 3 others were wounded.