70% increase in Afghan exports to Jordan

Economics Minallah PakneyatMinallah Kohistani Tuesday July 13th, 2021 0 Views



While the war in Afghanistan has raised concerns about the deteriorating economic situation in the country, the Afghan Ministry of Industry and Trade claims that as a result of its efforts and the day-to-day work of Afghan people in business, exports Afghanistan has seen an unprecedented increase in Jordan. The Ministry of Industry and Trade announced the day before that, based on the findings of this office, Afghanistan’s exports to Jordan have increased by 70%. Usually, the transfer of Afghan goods to this Arab country, using the air corridor, is evidence of significant growth. have been.


The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Afghanistan wrote in a report published on the occasion of increasing Afghanistan’s exports to Jordan: Last year, the Kingdom of Jordan was the 14th largest export destination in the Middle East, and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan “It provides the necessary grounds for increasing exports and expanding trade relations with the countries of the Persian Gulf and the Middle East.”


The Afghan Ministry of Industry and Trade has announced the expansion of Afghanistan’s exports to the Kingdom of Jordan, which is currently considered a worrying economic situation. Although the crisis and recent conflicts in the country are thought to be causing the country’s economic cycle to stagnate, officials in the Ministry emphasized that the Afghan government is working on launching incentive programs to improve the state of industry and trade in the country.


Ahmad Fawad Ahmadi, the Ministry of Industry and Trade spokesman, had previously told the Pasbanan news agency that the Ministry was launching regular incentive programs for the country’s businessmen and launching large exhibitions in the region and beyond. Thus, to increase investment opportunities as well as industry growth in Afghanistan. But it is believed that rising insecurity in Afghanistan has left the future of investment in the country with an uncertain fate.


Economic experts say that in the current situation, the domination of the armed opposition by the regime over several essential and critical ports of Afghanistan in the West has narrowed the field of economic bargaining and the current situation the Taliban is trying to control the country’s essential ports. Experts emphasize that this new approach of the Taliban aims to gain more points at the peace negotiating table.