A car bomb blast in Ghazni has killed 7 people and injured 20 others

The Ghazni governor’s office said the Taliban’s car bomb attack on a special unit of the 703rd National Security Forces in Ghazni killed seven people and wounded 40 others.

The attack took place this morning, Monday, May 18, using a Humvee in the Saghaft-e-Islami area of ​​Ghazni city.

The Ghazni governor’s office has reported that the condition of eight people injured in the incident is critical.

According to the Ghazni governor’s office, up to two kilometers from the site of the blast, the windows of civilian homes were broken, but no casualties were reported.

Dozens of government forces have been killed in the attack, the Taliban said.

According to the Taliban, the attack was carried out by a man named Zaidi Kandahari using a Humvee car in response to the government’s declaration of war.

A few days ago, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani ordered government forces to withdraw from the defensive position and take an offensive stance.