A letter for the first deputy director of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Author: Wahidullah “Frotan”

Sowing seeds that have shaken the system, marginalizing a mass of experienced generals, and condemning them to retirement; If they are not paid attention, they will undoubtedly fall prey to the enemies of peace and stability in the country.

Experienced generals, for whom many years have been invested materially and spiritually, should not be preyed upon by terrorists and should be used enormously to establish peace and stability and security.

One of the indicators of the increase of insecurities and the occurrence of non-textile gaps in the armed forces of the country is the determination of tastes in the scope and framework of the system.

In the security and defense forces of the country, from false and unsuccessful policies to hostile attitudes and from failed plans to ethnic and regional clashes that have led to the height of insecurity in the country.

Examples of failed policies:

Recently, the Deputy Minister of Policy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran mentioned the following two points in one of the video media, which are to be described:

  • The Ministry of Interior is for people not for war.
  • The face of the Hindus in the security forces.

1: When you mention that the Ministry of Interior is a people’s ministry of war, then why ٪ 70 of the police forces are engaged on the battlefields and are adorned with full combat uniforms and are supplemented with light and heavy weapons that inflict the most daily casualties.

If it is the case that the Ministry of Interior is really doing its job and operating in a completely safe producing country, then you are really worthy of the Ministry of Interior seat without any exaggeration. If not, then please write your resignation with dignity and more. Let us not be ridiculed by our neighbors.

2: The policy that will be considered according to Ms. Jalil is to drive and Hindu brothers.

How can I provide security for a minority people who could not protect and take care of our unique soldiers?

If we lighten and weigh our one-week losses, we find that it is equivalent to the totality of these minority people.

Please, as soon as we become victims, it is enough and does not kill these minority people with your failed policies.

We are really happy that our sisters have entered the field of technology and science in these unfortunate circumstances, and they have reached the peaks of success by leaving behind a thousand numerous problems.

However, with the appointments of these accomplished sisters, it can be used in some departments of the Ministries of Technology and Information, Women’s Affairs, Labor and Social Affairs, and these appointments, in addition to their rights, can be a punch in the mouth of anti-women who prevent education. These were a minority in the field of science and literature, But these dear sisters of ours cannot be an alternative to warlords and professional generals.

Today, the country’s security and defense forces are faltering and experiencing its most difficult moments.

If this situation is stable and continuous, we will undoubtedly have dark and unexpected moments that can cause an explosion and transformation in the armed forces.

Mr. Saleh Sahib, please reconsider the return of these warlords and experts, and by using this mechanism and the new plan, decorate the security and defense forces of the country, in order to witness the reduction of criminal crimes and recent insecurities in the country, which cause We have become a serious concern to the people, as well as to our sisters, who have held key positions in the country’s security and defense forces and have been appointed to the ministry so that Afghanistan can enjoy a period of peace, stability, and security.

Sincerely yours

Wahidullah “Frotan”