A poll in two US states: Joe Biden defeats his opponent Donald Trump

A poll conducted in the states of Pennsylvania and Wisconsin between two US presidential candidates, Joe Biden, was able to defeat his opponent Donald Trump.

According to the poll, Mr. Biden received 49% of the potential voters in his home state of Pennsylvania; While 43 percent of the state’s likely voters still support Mr. Trump.

In the state of Wisconsin, the Democratic nominee also managed to gain popularity among the 48% of potential candidates in the November 3 election, and in contrast to the President of the United States, he has so far managed to maintain a favorable opinion of 42% of potential voters.

Some Pennsylvania residents believe that Donald Trump has failed to fight the Coronavirus. But some have said that Trump’s control over the country is better than the future of the Biden administration.

How Biden is pressing a two-front war against Trump?

Joe Biden has described himself as a “bridge” between the Democrats’ current and future generations of leaders.

But he may also be a bridge between its present and future on the electoral map.

Exactly eight weeks before Election Day, Biden has strong opportunities to recapture states that President Donald Trump won in 2016 both in the Rust Belt and the Sun Belt.

But public and private polls consistently show that Biden is running slightly better in the former group of battlegrounds.

Sun Belt states are adding many more of the younger non-White voters who increasingly compose the Democrats’ base.

View Trump and Biden head-to-head polling

Through the 2020s, many Democrats believe that the party will need to make greater inroads in both congressional and presidential contests

across the diversifying Sun Belt — including not only this year’s targets but also emerging opportunities led by Texas and Georgia.

offset the likelihood that Republicans will compete more effectively throughout the preponderantly White Rust Belt.