A year after the cruel horror, a story from an info fortification in Afghanistan

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A relatively quiet day, but a repetition of the same bitter and shocking narrative … Like the black and white days of the past nine years, the Khurshid TV newsroom is busy narrating the pains of a nation. Anomaly, panic, war, bloodshed, the fight against corruption, the individual and group challenges of the Afghan people are the hot topics on which this room concentrates every day. But it has been a year since they lost many of their peers, and a number of them have gone through a shocking event.


Mohammad Ayub Nasimi is one of the news producers and presenters of this section. He went through the most painful time on June 31/5/2020; An experience whose memory is also disturbing to him. “It was about 8-9 months ago that I started my job as a news anchor and producer when this horrifying incident happened, and we, unfortunately, witnessed it,” Nasimi said. “We have witnessed how our colleagues died. However, what occupies our minds is why there is still meaningful silence about this case.”


Every day, Nasimi mentions things in his reports that may be difficult for ordinary citizens of this land to say or that expressing these facts could lead to death. But he has never backed down and speaks of the turmoil in the ground. He exposes the corrupt faces and reveals the secrets of the foreign intelligence agents who kill their contemporaries one after another. But the pain of losing his comrades in a bloody attack, who held this warm stronghold of information shoulder to shoulder with him, still haunts his mind and increases his bitterness. According to Ayub Nasimi: “The question arises why the government, especially the administration of president Ghani, does not pay so much attention to the civil case and other sections of society. Although we can expect this from a government that has so many failures and weaknesses in the current situation, it worries everyone how long the exemption against criminals and the mafia will last.”



Medina Morowat is one of the survivors of the deadly event that occurred on 5/31/202. Marwat was also wounded in this brutal event, but she has never backed down. Morowat is in love with her journalism profession and seeks to address the issues that play an essential role in strengthening social justice and nation-building every day. After a year, her physical wounds may have healed, but the bitter repetition of that incident still hurts her psyche; even when she thinks about that dark day, she feels more painful memories than ever. “After this incident, I was not feeling well; I had nightmares every day and night,” said Medina Marwat. “I was not feeling well after a few months, and the same painful story was on my mind repeated every day.



Even at home, I thought that maybe the same explosion would happen again. My mind was agitated, and eventually, my family decided that I should quit my job and not continue my journalistic activities. But after I was relieved, I felt good; once again, I resumed my work and returned to my office.


According to Morowat, a year later, there is no news that the perpetrators of this incident will be punished. Like its commitments with a false background, the government has remained silent about following up on this event during this period.



She says that the continuation of this situation will lead to people’s disbelief in the current system. Morowat adds: “It has been repeatedly emphasized that the safety of journalists is ensured, they have emphasized that the events that took place are being investigated; But, as a year has passed since the attack on the car carrying the employees of the Khurshid TV, we should have been answered and the perpetrators of this attack should have been exposed, but this did not happen. Intelligence agencies have not yet responded, and the issue remains unclear.”


She has a painful story about Meer Wahid Shah, her companion, who became immortal and is no longer with his companions in this section. She says that Meer Wahid Shah was one of her close colleagues and never retreated in informing, but now he is no more, and seeing his chair, her psyche is bothered every day.


Medina Morowat emphasizes: “Meer Wahid Shah was someone who was not hindered by anything and did not use any excuse. He learned no excuses for advancing his work and covering news events; The same day that this incident happened, it was the eighth anniversary of the Khurshid TV, he asked me to go to the party, but I said that my report was left untimely, he brought me a cake and told me to eat it. I remember that day like this moment; I can not believe that he is not with us, and every moment I remember him; I feel sorrow and mourn. It is unbelievable not to imagine the death of my colleague. He was someone we always remember and forgetting him is impossible for our team.”


He has been reporting on Khurshid TV for at least nine years, and one of his legs was wounded when the terrorist attack occurred on the car carrying the employees of this media on 5/31/2020. This is how the far-sighted Zabihullah Doorandaish narrates the story of the attack on the vehicle carrying the employees of Khurshid TV. “I do not understand if it was a sticky mine or if the material was embedded in our car,” said Zabihullah Doorandaish, Khurshid TV news reporter. “The attack happened shortly around 4:30 of that afternoon when we were leaving for our homes. After the collision of smoke and dirt occurred, the environment covered the area and inside the car; I could not get up anymore; my ear was bleeding, and my leg was harmed. When I raised my head, I saw that blood was flowing from Meer Wahid Shah’s throat. When I saw this scene, I was scared and told myself that he would not be with us anymore. It was a harrowing event, and I lost two of my colleagues, and I will never forget their memories.”


The cases of the journalist’s murder are still shrouded in mystery. Javid Farhad, News Manager of Khurshid TV, says that at least a year has passed since then. The murder cases of two employees of Khurshid TV and all other journalists remain in a state of ambiguity. Professor Farhad calls on the judiciary system of Afghanistan to investigate this case and punish the perpetrators of this bloody attack as soon as possible.


Professor Farhad says: “Security officials have always told us a repetitive and nauseating sentence and that the case is under investigation. A year has passed since this scholarly approach, but according to government officials in Afghanistan, the issue is being pursued, why it is not completed and the answer is not clear. You know that the families of the victims and the injured in the attack on the car of Khurshid TV employees are constantly asking the officials of this media, the leadership, and myself what happened to the results of the investigation that the government should do in this regard.”


In 2020, at least eight journalists were killed and 19 others were injured; Journalists ‘rights groups say the Afghan government has falsely investigated journalists’ cases. Although the Attorney General’s Office speaks of handling all cases of murder, violence, and beatings of journalists in the country, it is believed that the country’s judiciary is symbolically bringing people to justice and the results of these investigations. They do not provide information to the family of the country’s media.