Afghan cricket team training camp was set up in Kabul

Sports محمد نبی کریمیMohammad Nabi karimi Tuesday July 6th, 2021 0 Views



In the latest case, the Afghan national cricket team held a training camp in Kabul. Cricket Board officials in Afghanistan say that this is the second training camp of the national team held in Pabl. Its goal is to prepare more and better the Afghan national team players for the one-day international games.


According to a newsletter published by the Afghanistan Cricket Board, the camp was organized by the agency’s leadership and is attended by all Afghan nationals. The newsletter published on Tuesday (4/15/1400) reads: “The second phase of the national team training camp today in the presence of Dr. Hamed Shinwari, Chief Executive Officer of the Afghanistan Cricket Board, to prepare as much as possible. After that, the players started in Kabul for the one-day international games, in which the camp, which 28 players attended, was staffed by local and foreign coaches on ball skills, ball control, ball throwing, and fitness. “the newsletter also states that the team is focusing on their Health works.”


On the other hand, the newsletter of the Afghanistan Cricket Board wrote from the CEO of the Afghanistan Cricket Board: “We have great goals ahead of us, and we ask all of you to work on your skills with the utmost strength and power so that you can be happy. “And bring a smile to the lips of your compatriots and enter the square with a high spirit.” “Mr. Shinwari also heard the views and demands of the players and instructed the relevant authorities to take the necessary measures.”


It should be noted that the first phase of the camp ended about two weeks ago in Kabul, where the players, while working on their skills, also played three intermediate games (scenario). Afghanistan is set to win several one-day international competitions soon. Although the Afghanistan Cricket Board has held several training camps outside Afghanistan, it is said that due to the outbreak of the third wave of Covid-19 in Afghanistan, this institution is planned to hold the second training camp in Kabul.