Afghan forces broke Taliban Siege in Afghanistan district of Kandahar

Afghanistan Mohammaddin AgharkhilMohammaddin Agharkhil Monday May 10th, 2021 0 Views



Eventually, army and police forces rescued trapped security and defense forces by inflicting heavy casualties on Taliban fighters in Kandahar’s Arghistan district. Sources in the district say that the security forces base in the Afghanistan district of Kandahar province, which has been under siege by the Taliban for several weeks, has now been liberated from the Taliban blockade security situation in this area is getting normal.


In the latest case, a security source, who did not want to be named, told the Pasbanan Media Group (PMG-News) that supplementary forces had reached the besieged base and the new sent troops were able to rescue all trapped forces and these forces were able to save their trapped forces. “The operation was carried out in collusion between the ground and air forces. At present, we are at the base that the Taliban surrounded has turned to normal,” the source said. “The situation is now getting back to normal, and the rescued forces have situation is better.”


Earlier, Ahmad Fawad, one of the sieged soldiers, told Pasbanan Media Group (PMG-News) that they had been in a problematic situation for weeks and could not even find food to eat, now the source added that government forces have taken over Ahmad Fawad and his comrades, the commander of the Public Security forces and the border forces’ have come out of the Taliban siege. As a result, the security situation in the area has returned to normal.


At the same time, the air and ground forces of the army are experiencing difficult times in recent days. The Taliban have reportedly increased their attacks in the country’s major cities to unprecedented levels during this period. According to the reports from the battlefield, more than 1,000 Taliban fighters have been killed in recent days in clashes between the Taliban and security forces.


But the Taliban group has denied the allegations, saying that dozens of army and police personnel have surrendered with their equipment to the Taliban during attacks on parts of Baghlan and other provinces, a case that has been repeatedly criticized by the Ministries of Defense and the interior of the country has been rejected.