Afghan peace negotiating delegation meets with Mike Pompeo

The State Department for Peace Affairs has announced in a press release that members of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’s negotiating team have met with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Qatar. The delegation also reportedly met with Zalmai Khalilzad, the US State Department’s special envoy for the Afghan peace process.

“During the meeting, Seyed Saadat Mansour Naderi, Minister of State for Peace and a member of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan negotiating team, has expressed gratitude for continued US support for Afghanistan in recent years. He also called for continued co-operation between the two countries after the peace agreement.” said a statement issued by the Ministry of Peace.
In a meeting with the US Secretary of State, the members of the negotiating team stressed that the people of Afghanistan want to preserve the achievements of the last two decades in their country. The statement added: “Members of the delegation further stated that Afghans did not accept the escalation of violence after the release of 5,000 prisoners and that it was in violation of the Doha Agreement. They added that the Afghan people expect a permanent ceasefire in the country.”
Referring to US support for the Afghan peace process, Mike Pompeo said that lasting peace is a common goal of the two countries. The members of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’s negotiating team further stated that the current war in Afghanistan is considered illegal by the Islamic world, and its continuation is not considered acceptable by the international community. The US Secretary of State added that US support for lasting peace in Afghanistan will continue and that the Afghan people’s long-term commitments will remain in place.
The meetings come as peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban continue to escalate as violence escalates. A case that has faced sharp reactions from the citizens of the country.