Afghanistan and the danger of the third corona wave

Sunday, 4 March 2021- Hafizullah Zaki

The third wave of the corona in Afghanistan is a warning to the Afghan government and people to think ahead about precautionary measures. In addition to health complications and casualties, Corona also has dire economic and social consequences. The virus affects all aspects of human life and paralyzes society in every way.

Last year, Corona caused the closure of schools, universities, and educational institutions, stagnating the market and business, laying off many day laborers, and even negatively affecting print media coverage. Corona draws the attention of the government from other developmental and necessary issues to health measures to deal with this disease, and delays and closes all other matters.

Last year, due to the corona, in addition to the loss of life of the citizens, a lot of financial losses were inflicted on the society, and it took the work and life of the people out of the normal state and put it in the worst condition. People’s times reached a point where the government was forced to distribute dry bread to families in need.

On the other hand, Corona also provided unique opportunities for some profiteers. They made the most of the current situation and pocketed millions of afghanis.

In any case, the people of Afghanistan do not forget the betrayal of a number of people who, in the worst case, stole and misused the people’s dry bread or raised the prices of essential goods many times over under any pretext.

Corona was a bad experience all over the world, especially in weak and backward countries like Afghanistan. Government agencies failed to provide services to the people last year.

These institutions had both problems in planning and challenges in practice in a timely manner. These inefficiencies caused people to lose trust in government institutions and even hospitals.

Many people while suffering from coronary heart disease, But did not go to the doctor or the hospital.

This shows the peak of moral degradation in our society that in difficult conditions, the patient does not even trust the doctor and the hospital and prefers staying and home treatment to the doctor and the hospital.

Unfortunately, just as everything in Afghanistan leads to politics in some way, the corona did not escape this scourge.

Instead of cooperating with the government or fairly criticizing its functions, the opposition and the opposition tried to make the most of it against the government.

With all its weaknesses and shortcomings; But the damage caused by the corona in Afghanistan was small compared to other countries.

Although in the first wave the daily death toll from coronary heart disease was relatively high; But in the second wave, although the people’s precautionary measures were less, the corona casualties were not significant.

The third wave of the corona has been reported for a week in Nangarhar and Herat provinces. Identifying more than 81 new coronaviruses in one day is a wake-up call that the government and the people should be aware of now that tomorrow may be too late.

The Ministry of Health has announced that on the fourteenth day of pregnancy alone, more than 1,190 patients suspected of having coronary artery disease were tested. This shows that we can no longer take coronary heart disease seriously.

Importantly, the current virus is a mutant of its kind (the British Coronavirus), which has now re-quarantined in a number of countries.

Meanwhile, India and the Corona Vaccine Coordination Agency (KWACS) have provided a number of Corona vaccines to Afghanistan. The vaccines were to be applied to security forces, doctors, and journalists on a priority basis, the exact results of which are not yet known.

Now the question is whether the Afghan government can provide the vaccine needed by the people in the event of the third wave of the corona? What is the fate of current vaccines? Why are no reports of its progress and implementation are given to the people? Can the existing vaccine, which is made for the Chinese version of the corona, also prevent the mutation of the coronavirus?

Herat officials have called on people to take people over the age of 50 to health centers for vaccination. Officials say there is enough of the corona vaccine.

On the other hand, the officials of the Ministry of Health complain about the slow progress of the corona vaccine and the lack of people going to health centers to get the vaccine. However, the ministry has not provided the public with the slightest information about the vaccine and its implementation and the designation of Corona vaccine centers. Indeed, with these contradictions and ambiguities, the question arises for human beings, where is the country going? Why are government institutions afraid of transparency and providing information to the people? Why don’t they learn from the past?