Ahmad Massoud: We are ready against any military resistance

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Tensions, violence, killings, targeted assassinations, and minor clashes between the Taliban to achieve Pakistan’s goals have brought Afghans to the fore every day. But today, in Kabul, preparations are being made to mobilize and defend Afghanistan, and this gathering has been managed by someone whose father has become a national hero of Afghanistan.


Today, Ahmad Massoud, the eldest son of the Afghan national hero, officially began his political activities by attending a massive gathering of his supporters. This meeting was managed under the pretext of commemorating the 8th of Saur, the day of the Mujahidin’s victory against the Red Army; Mr. Massoud was present among political leaders, independent parties and group representatives, and a large number of his supporters from Kabul and other provinces.


احمد مسعود در محفل گرامی داشت از هشت ثور


Ahmad Masoud nowadays is more famous as his father’s successor, Ahmad emphasizes that peace is the long-standing ideal of nectar, especially the country’s national hero is a significant perspective for a free Afghanistan. However, he warns of violent groups that they are fully prepared for military resistance.


Mr. Massoud says: “If the parties are in this opinion, that the solution for Afghanistan crisis can be resolved to trough the military options. Today I am announcing that we, Mujahideen, and all the nation would be ready to respond militarily against any group who would form a military resistance against us. “


The government prevented Ahmad Massoud from holding a commemoration program on the 8th of Saur in the tent of the Loya Jirga. Now, Ahmed Ahmad says that the president does not want the Mujahidin to be by his side, and consistently, he marginalizes them. “The policy towards the Mujahidin for the last 20 years has been a policy of elimination. The president does not want the Mujahidin to be mobilized, so we wish we did not need him, and he did not need us.


The only relic of Commander Massoud calls on the Taliban to put aside excuses and join the peace process; He emphasizes that the military option never works in Afghanistan; Because the Mujahideen also wants to establish an Islamic government in the country. On the other hand, the unkindness of the government and the dictatorships of President Ashraf Ghani in this great meeting has aroused the most anger; “The current situation, insecurity, and anomalies in the country are due to the neglect of the Mujahidin,” said Ahmad Massoud.


Hazrat Ali, the people’s representative in the House of Representatives, said at the meeting: “We are ready to talk to the president for the last time, and if the president is satisfied and opposes, we will mobilize to defend Afghanistan and defend this land.” Did.


Most politicians praised Ahmad Massoud’s preparations as the new leader and founder of the second wave of the resistance, and most former jihadi commanders supported him. Meanwhile, one of the former jihadi commanders, the commander of the meeting, declared his allegiance to Ahmad Massoud and said: “All the people of the south of the country are by your side, and the support of these people is with you. In any situation.” On behalf of the whole mosquito ethnic group, Hazrat Ali also declared his support for Ahmad Massoud and said: “People of Nuristan and the Mosquito Nation Council have stood by your side with all our might, and we declare our support. For the national hero’s only son.


حضرت علی نماینده قوم پشه ای در مجلس نماینده گان


Several political figures emphasize that the jihad of the Afghan people has led to the liberation of the world, and now all Afghan citizens must come together and work to stabilize their country.


The grand summit, attended by former Mujahideen, is being held in Kabul as the Taliban have now stepped up their attacks across the country; The Taliban have reportedly targeted 22 provinces in recent weeks in Afghanistan, launching an average of 65 anti-security incidents across the country in 24 hours.