Amrullah Saleh horror of missiles hitting the presidential palace surroundings

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The Afghan presidential palace witnessed three rockets landing around the citadel on the first day of Eid al-Adha. The missiles landed around the Afghan presidential palace during Eid prayers. But Amrullah Saleh’s fear of rocket fire was the most spectacular part of the ceremony. No group or individual has claimed responsibility for the attack. But the Interior Ministry says the missiles were fired from the third Parwan area of Kabul. ISIL or the Taliban have often claimed responsibility for such rocket attacks, but none of the groups have commented on the attack.


On the first day of Eid al-Adha, President Ghani inspected the ceremonial part of the presidential palace. After examining the proper piece, he was with the participants in the prayer ceremony and greeted them. Then, he entered the place where his Eid-ul-Adha prayer was performed with his bulletproof armored vehicle. The president, accompanied by senior politicians. The country attended and participated in the prayer ceremony. Former President Hamid Karzai, Abdullah Abdullah, chairman of the National Reconciliation Council, Amrullah Saleh, first vice president, and most prominent Afghan political figures lined up for the Eid prayers.


For the first time this year, the Eid prayer was led by an army soldier, whom the government has named Eid al-Adha. The purpose of documenting it Eid al-Adha is to support the country’s security and defense forces in the fight against The Taliban have claimed victims. After the Eid prayers began, everyone was praying, and in the second Rakat of the prayers, three rockets were fired from an unknown location around the presidential palace. The missiles hit around the presidential palace, but the most spectacular sight of the Eid was Amrullah Saleh’s horror of the rockets hitting the citadel. Abdullah Abdullah was also terrified of the missiles hitting, but none of the politicians were involved. President Ghani and former President Hamid Karzai did not budge and did not decide to cut off prayers;


After the handshake and Eid al-Adha, the President of Afghanistan appeared in front of the camera with a group of politicians and regime members. He made his message clear to the Afghan people and spoke of the Taliban’s unwillingness to go to peace. The president said in a 45-minute statement that the Taliban had no will to bring peace to the country and that sending a high-level government delegation to Qatar was a prelude to questioning the government’s intention to bring peace to Afghanistan. No, the president said the Taliban’s recent stances in Qatar show that the group has no plans to make peace. “Unfortunately, the Taliban have no decision to make peace in the country; sending a high-level delegation to Qatar was an attempt to complete the argument. We tried to show the world that the Afghan government is determined to make peace and to make peace in the country,” the president said. “It has made many sacrifices. But the other side is never ready to support this process.”


President Ghani says that the current war is for the survival of Afghanistan, and this war is fought for the honor and dignity of the Afghan people. According to the President, the government is unwilling to go to war but to maintain the existing achievements and the current system. Therefore, the fight must continue, and the situation in Afghanistan will change in the next six months. Mohammad Ashraf Ghani says: “It is not only a war to preserve the system, but also a war to protect life, property and this soil. The war is to preserve every work and burden, big and small. The protection of the system and property is both the same. “Those who are ready to fight to defend the system, their property, and their lives cannot be separated. They are here. We are ready to use every one, but all movements must be within the framework of the government.”


President Ghani reiterates that Islamabad has played a double game with the Afghan government and the Taliban. According to the president, all Pakistani officials behind the Taliban say that this group is the wildest terrorist on earth, but on the contrary, they support and defend the Taliban. “Behind the scenes, every Pakistani official says the Taliban are savages,” said Mohammad Ashraf Ghani. “Imran Khan says the Taliban are fighting like the Mujahideen. Other Pakistani leaders say they do not influence the Taliban.” This message is clear; in Tashkent, you saw that this message was given to us. They say that the arrival of the Taliban is dangerous for Pakistan; in fact, the Pakistanis want a Taliban regime for us, but never to themselves. They do not want such a thing, which Pakistani politician is ready for the Taliban regime to rule in Islamabad, our constitution is the most Islamic law in the world, ask the Taliban for yourself, not for us, we are told that the Taliban will not come to power at all “It is not in Pakistan’s interest, but on the contrary, the Pakistani media is supporting the Taliban.”


The president once again exposed the Taliban’s long-standing ties to insurgent groups and stressed that Taliban insurgents, along with al-Qaeda, Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Muhammad, are actively involved in the war in Afghanistan; The president is urging the Taliban to explain to the Afghan people about their secret links to regional and international terrorist groups. President Ghani says: “On what basis did you establish your relations with Jaish-e-Muhammad, Lashkar-e-Taiba, and al-Qaeda? What are your commitments with them? You claimed that we have international relations, while our relations with the world have changed. All foreigners The time has come for the Taliban to respond; if you are Afghans, join the Afghans, and if you prefer to destroy this holy land and its people and take the lives of the Afghan people, give this right to You do not provide. ”


The Taliban were expected to declare a ceasefire on Eid al-Adha. Still, their spokespersons tweeted that the group’s leadership in Qatar had not made any commitment to the Afghan government to provide a ceasefire on Eid al-Adha. As a result, the battle against the security and defense forces of the country will continue during Eid.
The Afghan government now believes that the Afghan people stand by their security and defense forces and will never allow the Taliban and other terrorist groups to take over Afghan territory. President Ghani has also said that the government will henceforth take new decisions based on the statements of the Taliban leadership and that the Taliban will be responsible for all the unfortunate consequences of these decisions. Because this group has tried to use the military option to stand against the will of the Afghan people. Afghanistan is currently in a state of disarray, and the Taliban have stepped up their attacks on the Afghan government.


At the same time, the Afghan government has witnessed tense relations with Islamabad in recent days. After the kidnapping of the Afghan ambassador in Islamabad, the Afghan government decided to summon all members of the Afghan diplomatic mission to Islamabad again to Kabul, and Islamabad expelled its ambassador from Kabul in a similar move. As a result, Kabul and Islamabad are now believed to be in strained relations, driven by Pakistani intelligence.


Pakistanis, on the other hand, believe that the Indian intelligence service has abducted the daughter of the Afghan ambassador to Pakistan; In addition, several Indian media outlets have reported that the Pakistanis are currently providing exceptional opportunities for the Taliban and are trying to bring the group to power as soon as possible. The presence of more than 300 Pakistani troops, as well as 7,500 Lashkar-e-Muhammad fighters in the Taliban, clearly shows that Afghanistan is currently in a direct and face-to-face battle with the Pakistani military and its civilian government.


Statistics from across the border show that Islamabad is currently witnessing the transfer of the bodies of dozens of Pakistani troops and citizens across the border. In the latest case, a Pakistani media outlet reported that the Pakistani intelligence service forcibly persuaded Pakistani citizens to fight in Afghanistan and arrested and imprisoned anyone who refused to do so. In the latest case, reports say Pakistanis detained by Afghan intelligence and the Taliban were forced to be sent to the war in Afghanistan, but before the Taliban and Pakistani intelligence could achieve this, Peshawar police all over. Has freed them from the clutches of the Taliban and returned them to their families.


The presence of Pakistani citizens in the war in Afghanistan has become clear to the whole world. Still, the United Nations, despite being fully aware of all the cases and countless documents on the table, has not taken any action to prevent Pakistan from interfering in the affairs. Afghanistan has not done. On the other hand, the world diplomatic missions in Afghanistan have stated that there is a need to stop the Taliban violence in the country as soon as possible because the world no longer wants to witness the increasing sacrifice of the innocent people of Afghanistan. The call comes as at least 95 percent of US and NATO allies have left Afghanistan, and the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan will be completed by the end of September, with the Taliban responding. They have expanded their attacks across the country.