Amrullah Saleh: The international community continues its cooperation with Afghanistan

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As the Afghan government grapples with unprecedented difficulties and escalating Taliban violence, the country’s political, economic, and military situation becomes more critical than ever, in the most recent case, the first deputy prime minister. President Ghani has stated that the recent meetings of the Afghan government with the international community sent a message of continued assistance to Afghanistan. He emphasizes that although this assistance continues, it is conditional.


Amrullah Saleh wrote today (7/29/2021) on Facebook: “Fifty members of the diplomatic community, including the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, global financial institutions, and international institutions, participated in a joint meeting with our global partners on development and security.” One after another, they expressed their support for the regime of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. They emphasized the continuation of their assistance, but of course, there are conditions and methods for implementing this assistance, all of which are murder and violence at the same time. “They condemned the Taliban and called for talks with the concept.”


First Vice President Ghani, referring to the continuation of the battle, emphasizes that the Taliban are going in the wrong direction. “I said at the beginning of my speech that the Taliban were politically miscalculating. Suppose that if the Taliban had not ridiculed the peace talks, the United Nations would have thanked them in a statement today. “It mobilizes in support of the fundamental values and rights of human beings.”


According to Amrullah Saleh, the Taliban do not recognize any value in institutionalizing human rights issues in Afghanistan and are not committed to those values. Saleh emphasizes: “That is, the Taliban does not understand values and does not recognize anything called human rights. Playing with a young corpse and filming shows that the Taliban is no more than a savage in terms of intellect and wisdom. This situation. “It is changing. In this age, this level of ignorance can’t rule the fate of a nation. Only time is at stake.”


Saleh emphasized efforts to fight the Taliban and changes in the country’s political and security situation, saying that the Taliban violence had already increased the psychological pressure on Afghan citizens. Currently, Taliban violence has increased unprecedentedly in the country. Official figures from the UN Assistance Mission in Kabul show that more than 5,300 Afghans were killed in the first six months of the year, most of them by the Taliban.