An unprecedented increase in Covid-19 victims in Italy

Reuters has written that the number of Covid-19 victims in Italy is increasing unprecedentedly. According to Reuters, the number of victims of the coronavirus infected individuals has increased from 627 to 4032, Italian officials said Friday, with an 18.4 percent increase since the outbreak, a staggering start since the outbreak. Two days ago, the Italian media reported that the incidence of Covid-19 in Italy was higher than in China, and that figure was rising. To date, at least 47021 cases have been recorded in Italy, showing a 14.6 percent increase.

According to a full report published by the Italian National Institute of Health, most of the victims were those aged 31 to 75 years. The average age of the victims is said to be 80 years old. The report comes as the coronary virus outbreak reached zero yesterday, and Chinese doctors left Wuhan a day ago. Meanwhile, Chinese media have reported that in the latest case, China has discovered the vaccine Covid-19 and is currently adapting its counterparts in Wuhan.