Army helicopter crashes in Jaghato district of Maidan Wardak

Afghanistan محمد نبی کریمیMohammad Nabi karimi Wednesday June 9th, 2021 0 Views



The Afghan Ministry of Defense confirms that a military helicopter of the Airforce has crashed in the Jaghato district of Maidan Wardak. According to a newsletter published by the Ministry of National Defense, this army helicopter suffers from technical problems. “Last night, a wing of an MI-17 helicopter of the Airforce crashed in Jaghato district of Maidan Wardak province due to technical problems,” the Ministry of Defense said in a statement.


The crash also resulted in casualties for members of the Airforce. The statement added: “Unfortunately, due to the crash of this military helicopter, three crew members were martyred, and one other was injured. The wounded were taken to the center for treatment. From the court of Allah Almighty, the leadership of the Ministry of National Defense, “The martyrs of this event are praying for Paradise and for the wounded to be healed immediately.”


But the Taliban group wrote in a newsletter that the group’s fighters had shot down the helicopter. “An enemy helicopter overturned in a swift attack by the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate,” the Taliban said in a statement.


The Ministry of Defense (MoD) talks about the military helicopter crash in Maidan Wardak as the Taliban have expanded their attacks in recent weeks. According to national media reports, in the last two months, the Taliban have taken control of 17 districts across the country.


But Afghan security and defense officials say the Taliban have suffered heavy casualties in recent months. An army general had previously posted on Facebook that at least 700 people had been killed in heavy fighting between Afghan security forces and the Taliban in Helmand. In addition, 800 Taliban fighters were killed. The army officer in the south claimed that several Pakistani military officials were among those killed.