Atta Mohammed Noor: Dr. Abdullah Abdullah should avoid creating a crisis in the country

The General congratulated Mohammed Ashraf Ghani on his victory in a statement and urged the Stability and Convergence Team led by Dr. Abdullah Abdullah to avoid creating a crisis in the country and to devote their energy to providing peace and security.

Mr. Nour continues to say that we are pleased that the IEC has finally ended the ongoing controversy and announced the final results of the election.

Mr. Noor added that the entire nation has suffered this victory and that President Mohamed Ashraf Ghani Mubarak is hopeful that with the formation of the new government, the political and economic situation of the country will be disrupted and the ground for prosperity will be thrown.

Meanwhile, Major General Atta Mohammed Nour is the head of the Islamic Community and has announced his support for Dr. Abdullah Abdullah’s team in the 2014 election.