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Beginning of electing new cabinet by President Ghani

Wahid Omar, a senior adviser to the president on strategic relations, wrote in a tweet that the president had begun work on introducing a new cabinet. According to Mr. Omar: “Based on the decree of the President, Abdul Hadi Arghandiwal is nominated as a nominee for the Ministry of Finance. The new cabinet members will be an appointment, and after completion of this process, all the cabinet members would be introduced to the National assembly for voting.”

The issue is being voiced by senior government officials in a time that, in the latest case, president Ghani’s, appointed Matin Baig, the former head of the local organs department as Indian ambassador and Shakir Kargar as president-chief of staff head. Work has begun on the cabinet’s creation by president Ghani in time, That Afghanistan president and Abdullah Abdullah have failed in solving political crises in the country.