Bill Gates’ ex-wife no longer has a stake in the Bill & Melania Gates Foundation

Technology محمدالدین آغرخیلMohammad Din Agharkhail Friday July 9th, 2021 0 Views




The Bill & Melania Gates Foundation has announced that after the separation of Bell Gates from his ex-wife French Gates, the French will no longer have a stake in the Bill & Melania Gates Foundation and will not serve as its vice president and trustee. In addition, the Bill Gates Foundation has announced that French Gates will soon resign from both positions.


Meanwhile, Bill Gates has announced that if French Gates resigns from the foundation, he is willing to donate to his ex-wife to lead an independent charity. The Bill Gates Foundation is the world’s largest donor, assisting countries worldwide in education. Meanwhile, the Bill Gates Foundation statement stated that the donation was to be made from Bill Gates’s funds. Therefore, no financial assistance would be provided by the Bill & Melania Gates Foundation to the former wife of the wealthy Microsoft CEO.


Bill Gates and French Gates decided to separate at least two years ago. At least a few months ago, the wealthiest couple in the world announced that they were separated. In an interview with the Associated Press, Mark Suzman, chief executive of the Bill Gates Foundation, said the announcement was made to make the couple transparent about their past commitments. “This agreement is part of the couple’s private commitment that they made when they got divorced. Both of them have jointly and separately assured me that they had been committed to this commitment for the past two months,” Suzman said. “They have acted on their own. Bill has said he wants to remain the foundation’s chairman and trustee in the long run.”


Meanwhile, reports suggest that the Bill Gates Foundation is currently investigating allegations that Bill has relationships with women who work with him at Microsoft and that the results will be shared soon. Earlier, Microsoft had asked Bill Gates to step down because he had an affair with a woman he worked with at Microsoft; The case led to Bill splitting from the French Gates, and the wealthy couple formally separated a few months ago.