Book Analysis (Suicide)

Excerpted from the narratives of the book “Suicide” by Ahmad Fahim Kohdamani

Narrator: Ferdowsi Rasuli

Suicide is a story of a young man’s life devoured by extremists and Taliban terrorists, and the group’s recruiters tear him apart from his family with his intelligence tricks – a young man who had many aspirations and struggled with Her family grows up under an umbrella. But unaware that he no longer fulfills his wishes and is led to the point of no return.

In the present day, when war is intensifying at any moment, and Afghanistan is witnessing a massive presence of insurgents inside and outside the country.

This work reflects the realities that all nations must act more consciously of the past and prevent militant recruitment. This book deals with the untold truths of this land.

What is a Suicide Squad, and why did it need writing?

The suicide book by Ahmad Fahim Kohdamani is one of the country’s correspondents who tried to enlighten the public in the name of religion and not to be trapped in superstition and to play the political games of the terror groups that are trying to attract young intellectuals every day to the group. This Mr. Claudine writes Their attraction and attraction in this book.

Mr. Fahim Kouhadamani was also on the television today, pursuing a research program that would deceive people into being pro-life and alerting people. Now writing a book called “Suicide,” he has written and explored the story of a young man committing suicide and what causes this destructive act.

Community Book Need:

The Afghan society, which has been plagued for years by war and misery, has always been enticed by the games of enemies and outsiders. Every group and individual wants to wage war in this country and achieve their goals. Especially Pakistan, which has always intervened in the internal and external affairs of Afghanistan and even leads the bulk of terrorism and terrorism in our beloved country. Intelligence organizations, terror groups, and other individuals and organizations have worked on the ideas of the younger generation to convince them to kill and force them against the government and the foreign institutions involved.

So despite the problems mentioned, this book was written to inform the hidden activities of terror groups around us and our environment so that the young and the new generation of these people would not play games. The responsibility and mission of young people after reading this book is to deal consciously with the issues they face and to inform others.

This book contributes to military matters:

As it turns out, war has now shifted from the physical to the ideological. The most dangerous war now in the world is the Cold War. After World War II, some countries involved in the battle faced each other. The cold war (playing with thoughts) is now widespread in the West and the Eastern Bloc. The Cold War is deeply rooted in human history. The Taliban are also using the Cold War and the pragmatic rumor among the illiterate community of Afghanistan to falsify the youth and the people in their false propaganda against the country’s military forces and to introduce them as foreign servants. But writing such books, which, unlike the Taliban’s political propaganda, is about society, there is a pressing need for community in the present era to prevent this false Taliban propaganda against the state system.

A brief and brief part of this story:

The suicide book tells the story of a young man’s life about how he deceives extremists and terrorists. A young man who may be overwhelmed by his dreams and wants to grow up with his family under an umbrella. But unaware that she no longer reaches her arms and has gone on a path that no longer returns.

In today’s society, where the war is fiercely fought in Afghanistan, different groups and groups are being led to misleading the youth into believing that their country has been taken over by infidels. It is called a psychological war itself. The book also tells the story of a young man’s life in a terrorist group and a suicide bomber, calling himself an insurgent.


The story begins here; Abdullah, a young man who had a quiet and comfortable life every day going to school and working with his father, didn’t even know what a panic meant.

Small crowds of young students studying in the mosque also encourage him to attend religious lessons alongside his elementary lessons. After spending some time at the school, he becomes a brainwashed youth and is even raped, even on the pretext that he has taken the most prominent position among his peers.

A young man who has been involved in extremist groups with a thousand deceitful deceptions and is sent to Pakistan to learn more religious lessons. But no one knows that those places are not for teaching Islamic sciences, but for the education of warm-blooded youths and the sentiments, they have against their government.

He is transferred to Pakistani schools for better education and then able to fight against infidels and his government. To avoid the regret of many of these young people being educated in Pakistani schools, they are being raped and photographed so that if they are sorry, the images of their rape in the province and their districts will be infamous. To be used.

The young man is also deceived by school mullahs and explodes in front of a convoy of foreign troops in six districts of Kabul.


Terrorism, as an impure germ, has infiltrated the body of Islamic society with a thousand tricks to hunt down the ignorant and fast-paced individuals of the Islamic community and commit tremendous and heinous crimes. Especially the Taliban, which is being projected as a project by the intelligence services to deceive and sacrifice the Muslim youth to achieve their goals. So the responsibility and mission of Fonts, teachers, writers, teachers, and other knowledgeable people in this society is to make people aware of the terrorist activities of these enemies as much as possible by writing articles, books, conferences, and workshops. Eradicate the formation and terrorism.