Breaking news: the new seven preconditions, of government for releasing Taliban prisoners

PMG News has obtained a covert government letter that, in the most recent case, the Afghan government has set seven new preconditions for the release of 5,000 Taliban prisoners. According to the letter, president Ghani has issued a decree to release these prisoners. But the Afghan government wants an increment from the group that these fighters would not return to battlefields, and also they would reduce the violence all over the country.
This letter indicates that the Taliban should commit the Afghan government that after their prisoner release, afghans would never see increase violence, and the Taliban would prevent their military operations. The Taliban must pledge that they will not attack the Afghan defense and security forces once again; they would never increase the violence. Also, the group should guarantee that they would stop their terrorist attack, which would increase the fear among the local citizens.
The letter also highlights that the group would not attack public places such as mosques, Hosseini’s, schools, markets, hospitals, universities, cultural institutions, sports, public areas, and public facilities after the release of their prisoners from Afghanistan jails.
The letter also states that the Taliban must refuse to take hostage, assassinate, ordinary engineers, doctors, teachers, and public servants. The Taliban should pledge that they would allow all publicly-owned institutions, including schools, hospitals, clinics, and other public places, to carry out any social, religious, cultural, scientific, sports and artistic activities in their areas of control. The Taliban must also cut off all intelligence connections with Pakistan, and they must refuse to accept ISI military assistance. The group must destroy all of its safe havens across the Durand Line. The seventh precondition for the Taliban is that the group must pledge to release all its leaders and members of al-Qaeda and other regional and international terrorist groups to the Afghan government as soon as possible after the release of their prisoners.
But these secret prerequisites are not acceptable to the Taliban, and the spokesman for the group has tweeted that these prerequisites will never be accepted by the leadership of Taliban.