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کشف ۱۵ کیلو مواد مخدر نوع شیشه در غزنی

Seizure of 15 kg of Crystal type drugs in Ghazni

October 10, 2020

Local officials in Ghazni reported the discovery of 15 kilograms of glass-type narcotics with three people by the province’s anti-narcotics p

فراغت بانوان از یکی دانشگاه ها در مقر وزارت دفاع ملی کشور

Fresh women and powerful cadres of the Ministry of National Defense

October 06, 2020

The presence of women in the ranks of the National Army is one of the fundamental efforts of the Ministry of National Defense. Just 150 women who a

برگزاری ورزش اسنوبرد یا روی ریگ در ولایت پاپیسا

Sand skiing in Kapisa province

October 04, 2020

The country’s snowboard officials announce the holding of the second snowboard sandboarding program in Kapisa province.

In an intervie

جلوگیری از یک حمله انتحاری در ولایت قندهار

Prevent a suicide attack in Kandahar province

October 04, 2020

Ministry of Defense security officials says they prevented a car bomb attack by security forces before reaching the target in the Maiwand district

Why are the media denied access to the information?

September 30, 2020

Writer: M.Yasin Sadat

Every research that is done needs information. Researchers always try to use the latest information in their research.

The United States has conditioned the complete withdrawal of its troops from Afghanistan

September 16, 2020

Author: Mohammad Kasra

As the Afghan-Afghan peace talks enter their fifth day, the Secretary of State has told the media th

Taliban member: The current Afghan government is completely corrupt and incompetent

September 16, 2020

In an interview with a Western media outlet, a member of the Taliban negotiating team said that the curre

Paying tribute to Islamabad and gaining concessions for the Taliban

September 16, 2020

While the United States is the sole power in the world, it seems that Washington’s misguided policies have left an ugly picture of the power

Psychology and its effects on our tired psyche!

September 16, 2020

Arranged by: Qudsia Ishaqazi

Psychology is the study of the soul, psyche, and thoughts of human beings, and one of the first goals of psycho

Untold story: Andarab District, land of Courage and Martyrdoms  

September 12, 2020

Pasbanan Media Group

By: Shershah Nawabi

We hav